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04.13.11 [Newsen] A Sneak Preview Of Rain’s Latest Pictures Showing Him Looking Smashing In Uniform

Two pictures showing Rain taking a snapshot of himself with the uniform of an air-force officer on and posing for a camera with actor ‘O Dahl Soo’, have been opened to the public, which has become the talk of the town.

On the 13th, Rain posted some pictures on his Twitter, posting something to the site, “Today is the day for me to wear the full costume…^^ (the uniform of an air-force officer) It seems like yesterday that we started shooting the movie, but many scenes are being filmed already !!! And, with ‘Dahl Soo’ who is my favorite senior”

In the first picture released on the day, he is seen taking a snapshot of himself wearing the uniform of an air-force officer with his hand in his pocket, where there is something dignified. Particularly, a scar on his face stands out from others.

In the second picture, he is seen looking at the camera with actor ‘O Dahl Soo’, having a big smile on his face with his eyes slightly. ‘O Dahl Soo’ is seen smiling a timid smile, which makes people laugh.

To the pictures, there has been an enthusiastic response from netizens, “The uniform really looks great on him!” “The clothes are an excellent fit ~” “There is no woman who hasn’t fallen for his smiling eyes.”

” I’m looking forward to ‘Red Muffler’~”

Meanwhile, Rain is currently busy filming his next movie ‘Red Muffler’ with actress ‘Shin Se Kyiung’, actor ‘Kim Sung Soo’, ‘Lee Jong Seok’, ‘O Dahl Soo’ and so on.

Credit to Newsen
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04.13.11 [Eng Trans] Rain’s Tweets

04.12.11 [TheStar] South Korean Pop Star Rain Was A Strange Choice For A F1 Post-Race Party Treat But He Delievered The Goods


South Korean pop star Rain was a strange choice for a F1 post-race party treat, but he delivered the goods.

RAIN! Rain! Rain! Rainism reigned high as K-poppers were an exuberant presence among F1 race enthusiasts at the Petronas Malaysia F1 Grand Prix post-race concert on Sunday night.

Malaysian Clouds (Rain’s fans) had been waiting all evening for South Korean sensation Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) to continue the adrenalin-pumping action at the hillside celebration party held at the helipad of the Sepang International Circuit.

The excitement raced as the lights dimmed at 9.15pm and Rain, an international star that’s ever larger than life, made his entrance to a screaming crowd.

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04.12.11 [TVDaily] Rain Shows Off His Fantastic Figure Which Makes Women Faint

Rain has shown off his fantastic figure where both his pubic bone and six packs are in perfect harmony.

World star Rain has been chosen to be the main model for Mentholatum, an international brand.

It is known that he took time from his busy schedule to film a commercial for the brand.

On this day, Rain showed that he was preparing thoroughly in advance at the shooting, which amazed all the staffs. And he was seen trying to maintain optimal physical condition, doing sit-ups and push-ups in the studio.

In addition, it was said the atmosphere was strained throughout the shooting, but he tried to make the atmosphere around him lighter, joking while working.

As it seemed that they didn’t think of him as a world star because he was humble in his manner throughout the work, the people at the shooting were full of praise for him..

Meanwhile, Rain has been busy filming his next movie ‘Red Muffler’ about a deadly strategy of the Air Force pilots of the Republic of Korea, and about their lives and love, where he appears with actress ‘Shin Se Kyung’, actor ‘Yu Joon Sahng’, ‘Kim Sung Soo’, ‘Jung Seok Won’ and so on.

Credit to TV Daily
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04.11.11 [KoreAm] Rain Tops TIME 100

It’s that Time of the year again! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Time is holding its annual online poll to find the most influential person in the world! Sadly, Stephen Colbert is only tied for no. 30 right now, but Rain (Bi) is back on the top of the list! He’s really becoming more famous for being on the Time 100 rather than anything else, but hey – whatever it takes right?

Interestingly, he’s currently being followed by Jay Chou, another mega-star in Asia. Is it going to be China or Korea? We’ll find out on April 14th, when voting ends!

(Just in case you’re saddened by the people topping this list, at no. 5 is Cheng Yen, the “Chinese Mother Teresa,” and just missing the top 10 are the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant workers, who have been lauded for their work at Japan’s damaged nuclear power plant.


Author: Elizabeth Eun (KoreaAm Journal)


04.11.11 [Frostier.Net] “Naked” Rain Caught-In Sepang F1 (*Updated With HQ Pics)

*This blog is pretty cool, and it’s NOT what you think, hehe…


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04.11.11 [K-popped!] Review: After race Rain @ the F1 Sepang International Circuit

Rain was such a tease, and we’re not talking about the weather.

Well, if you insist, it was cloudy in the afternoon and drizzled at one point but the only rain that mattered at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) on April 10 was the Korean kind.

I WANT YOU!: Rain seems to love K-popped! too
Jung Ji-hoon a.k.a. Rain teased and charmed the crowd at the after race concert with his sexy yet adorable antics.
For instance, the 28-year-old deliberately made a show of wiping himself with a towel after saying that he loves Malaysia “but it is so warm here.” When the crowd screamed for him to throw the towel into the audience, he cheekily made an attempt to wipe his armpit (!), to the mock disgust of the audience.

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credit: Liz@ k-popped!