04.09.11 [Clip+Eng Trans] MNet Rainy Day Season 3 Episode 2

Reposted by ratoka


Rain : Hyung! I’ll sing this song (Not a single Day) to just the background music soon after I say, “You know this song?”


Rain : Let me do it once more.


Rain : Please turn on the background music while I make a comment.

“Hi, everyone. Are you fine? Nice to meet you. Thank you for coming to my Adieu concert. You know this song?”


Rain : At this very moment, my chair has to come out.


Rain : At this point, the rhythmical beat of the drum has to be played.

When the piano is played, the chair is already supposed to come out.


Rain : What’s the next?

Staff : In the first part of the show, there is your comment, but in the second, there is a countdown.


Rain : I’ll make a comment, so please turn on the background music.


Rain : Are you now recording this?

Recordist : Yes.

Rain : The edited soundtrack will be sent to them tomorrow?

I think the work is coming along very well, thanks to the recordist.

The recording is going on, right?

If the soundtrack hadn’t been recorded, I’d have started again from the beginning.

Dancer : It could have been a disaster !

Rain : I’m doing it once because of the recordist.


Rain : Let’s try to do it anyway.

(He makes a comment before ‘How to Avoid the Sun’)

There is one of my favorite songs. it is ‘How to Avoid the Sun’

Credit happyyyrain (torrnt) /ratoka @YT
Brief translation by rain bird.


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2 thoughts on “04.09.11 [Clip+Eng Trans] MNet Rainy Day Season 3 Episode 2

  1. pluie625 04/09/2011 at 1:13 pm Reply

    Oh Rain! you’re making me love you more!

  2. Jessica 04/12/2011 at 12:37 am Reply

    That’s cool Jihoon has a favrite song that he sings.

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