04.03.11 [MTV] Rain mention in MTV Style Headlines Of The Week

MTV Style Headlines Of The Week: Katy Perry Turns Into An Alien, Britney Spears IS BACK, And More!

• This week Katy Perry TOTALLY stole the show us with her new, alienesque ‘E.T.’ video! We pulled out every single look from the out-of-this-world vid, interviewed Kabuki, the miracle makeup man behind her transformation, and when Katy called for fans to recreate her extraterrestrial looks, we spotlighted our favorites. Why? Because we love you.
• BRITNEY’S BACK! And she showed off her hot bod in bejeweled bodysuits as she performed back on the stage like the good old days. Plus, gurl was ROCKING some Dolce & Gabbana all over her Femme Fatale album artwork!

• Justin Bieber upgraded his bling and showed off his fandom at the same time when he switched out his dogtag necklace for a pendant of Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. All the while, his main lady Selena Gomez took Perez Hilton’s Blue Ball Birthday Bash theme to heart and came out as queen of the Smurfs in her all-out blue ensemble.

• This season of Jersey Shore may be over, but that doesn’t mean the casties are in hiding! Snooki stepped out in a homemade “Brunette Mafia” shirt that we’re sure would be way easy to knock off.

• Kelis wore crazy front-less pants, Jena Malone showed us how to wear blue eyeshadow with class, style bloggers showed off their favorite animal prints, and we saw celebs sporting thick-strapped shoes all over the red carpet.

• Vanessa Hudgens played it casual cool in a few T-shirts, and we showed you where to snatch them up. Meanwhile, Jennifer Hudson glammed it up in gorgeous bracelets, which got us hunting for more animal-themed jewelry that’s just as drool-worthy.

• We peeked across the pond to see what our favorite British babes were wearing! Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Adele, and more showed us what’s what with their stylish selves.

• The black hearts that British singer/songwriter Kate Nash and “90210” actress Shenae Grimes recently rocked on their cute mugs grabbed our attention! Did you ❤ or </3 it?

• Before peeking between the pages, a magazine’s gotta catch your eye! We rounded up all our favorite cover girls on the latest issues of Glamour, Rolling Stone, ELLE and i-D. Some wore super cute getups, and others wore nothing at all!

• What were those hot dudes up to this week? Korean loverboy Rain showed off his glistening Hot Dude torso. Thanks to our moms’ love of Criminal Minds, we finally discovered Mr. Hot Patootie Matthew Gray Gubler. Patrick Wolf proved that he is the ultimate boss of buttons. Oh yeah, and Ed Westwick looked super cute as he canoodled with a manfriend. Finally, Romeo picked daddy David Beckam’s nose in public, but still managed to look hot. Plus, Moby and Marilyn Manson hugged it out while we captioned the pic!

Have a very stylish weekend!

SOURCE : http://style.mtv.com/2011/04/01/ … tney-spears-is-back



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One thought on “04.03.11 [MTV] Rain mention in MTV Style Headlines Of The Week

  1. Jessica Kerr 04/04/2011 at 5:56 pm Reply

    Crazy and cool styles, yes.

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