03.18.11 [Star News] Rain Does A Great Job Passing The 9G Training That Gains Momentum

On the 18th, National Defense Newspaper released a new picture of top star Rain sitting on the cockpit of combat plane F-15K, updating on the movie ‘Red Muffler’ shoot.

According to the newspaper, the first shooting of movie Red Muffler took place at a club in Kangnam-gu on the 15th.

In the scene of the movie where Rain got set to team with actor ‘Kim Sung Soo’, actress ‘Lee Ha Na’, actor ‘Lee Jong Seok’, etc, a welcome party was being held for Flight Lieutenant ‘Jung Tae Hoon’ (‘Jung Ji Hoon’ or Rain) who had been transferred to a combat wing.

Actress ‘Shin Se Kyung’, ‘Yu Joon Sahng’, and ‘Jung Kyung Ho’ who have any schedule yet, visited the site and encouraged them.

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) said ” I think we’ve off to a good start because we do agree in tone.” and Director ‘Kim Dong Won’ also expressed, “All of our staff members including all members of the cast will do the best to make a great film.”

This movie is about the mortal combat and lives and loves of ROK Air Force’s pilots.

Rain and actor ‘Lee Jong Seok’. etc. who play combat pilots steering F-15K in the movie, experienced at first hand the difficult process of becoming actual combat pilots, taking special training in air physiological function at Air Force Aerospace Medical Center.

Particularly, since Rain did a great job passing the required 9G training that gains momentum that is hard even for skilled pilots to do, it was said everyone around him was surprised a lot.

Meanwhile, to shoot some crucial scenes at the 11th Air Force Combat Wing for three weeks from the 21st, the Red Muffler team has been screened by the Air Force security service.

Credit to Star News http://news.nate.com/view/20110318n08022
National Defense newspaper http://kookbang.dema.mil.kr/kdd/GisaView.jsp?menuCd=3004&menuSe…
Brief translation by rain bird.


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One thought on “03.18.11 [Star News] Rain Does A Great Job Passing The 9G Training That Gains Momentum

  1. Pluie625 03/18/2011 at 11:22 pm Reply

    This is what I like about Rain when he do something he won’t do it just for the sake of doing it but he give his all…. His capital? Sweat, blood and tears…. His heart and soul…. His whole being… So no wonder he gets the best result because of what he pours into it….

    That’s the one and only “World Star” that I came to know and love….I’m so proud of you Jung Ji Hoon!!!

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