03.11.11 [Pic] J.Tune March 2011 Wallpaper

source: jtune camp
credit : cloud tw- Sammi//raincloudhk


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One thought on “03.11.11 [Pic] J.Tune March 2011 Wallpaper

  1. kongsao 03/11/2011 at 4:19 pm Reply

    i love this march he so beauitful here
    thank for this
    TO ALL family and fan and clous i will kep prayer for all the diseaser of what happen 9.8 Earthqake in Japn, Tokyo, ect… peoples their this very sad that i have ever see and read i felt like another Sep 11 but this is
    Huge Japan quake spawns tsunami i read the new it say cra buliding house peoples are very bad 2-3,000 peoples found death 947 injuries car and boat are damage 😦
    but theLoa Angeles County Firefigther sent eqiment and ect to help them for thoes are rain fand clouds i will prayer for their safe.

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