03.09.11 [allkpop] Rain visits Se7en’s chicken restaurant

When SNSD’s YoonA and f(x)’s Sulli visited Se7en’s steamed chicken restaurant,’Yeolbong‘, they posed with his cardboard cutout. Superstar Rain was the latest celebrity to pay a visit to the restaurant, but the star wouldn’t settle for a cardboard cutout – Rain got to pose with not only Se7en himself, but with the restaurant’s chicken mascot as well!

The photo was posted on the restaurant’s Twitter, which said,

“Dudoong!!! Rain & Se7en!!! Such cool people taking a two shot… Thank you~ cock-a-doodle-doo ^^“

Soon after, Se7en retweeted the photo saying,

“W ma man~ RAIN!!! My hyung who is always cool!!! Love ya!!!“

Fans commented, “Rain and you look so handsome ^^” “I’d love to be the chicken in the middle” and “Both are my favorite”

Source: Yeolbong’s Twitter (@YEOLBONG) and Se7en’s Twitter (@officialse7en) //allkpop



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2 thoughts on “03.09.11 [allkpop] Rain visits Se7en’s chicken restaurant

  1. Flower 03/09/2011 at 11:01 am Reply

    They both look so cute!! LOL, to Rain shirt!! Rain always seem like he is a very cool nice person. I would love to be his friend.

  2. kongsao 03/09/2011 at 3:48 pm Reply

    YEAH!! me too i think rain have such a cool personal and very firendly person to whom, he know and respect other artis idol ands singer ands celeb too our rain make it so confident to everbody and his dancer too i mean everbody that know rain never reget who rain and why they adimre rain of their heart and Seven is just a sweet guy too he they very look cool here
    LOVE IT!!
    anienseyo bi and & Seven !1 🙂

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