03.08.11 [EngTrans] Rain @ Beijing FM90.0

-Rain part-


Hi everyone. This is Rain.


Ah, your pronunciation is excellent.


Which words do you want to learn to speak most?


Well..For example, “I missed you so much” (‘Bogosipeoseoyo’, spelled phonetically)


Excellent !


Yes, excellent!


I really want to hear that I’m so cool.


Thank you..


As time passes, the environmental pollution is getting worse.

I’ve been appointed to an honorary ambassador to work to help to avert an environmental disaster, included preventing desertification.

These activities are intended to let the preventive measure of environmental pollution be given wider publicity.


I do not study Chinese specifically, but the campaign song has especially unique lyrics, so I tried to make a lot of time to convey the meaning well. But some words were difficult to pronounce..


I’m not sure if I can do that.


Thanks to the concern all of my fans have shown, I’m doing well.

I’d like to thank my chinese fan club for welcoming me.


One of my songs will be sung in Chinese. This one will be a dreamlike and fantasy concert. I think you’ll love it, and it’ll be a very exciting concert.


I play a fight pilot in the movie.. It’ll probably be released sometime this year or next year. My new album will come out soon, and the campaign song in Chinese will also be released. So I hope to get a lot of support from you.


I hope you are always healthy, and I always appreciate your support of me.

Thank you for loving my dramas including Full House..

I ask for many of your interest in my movie and album.

Thank you.

I love you.

Credit :jinzhi0 @ youtube //raincloudhk

English translation by rain bird.

Credit :jinzhi0 @ youtube //raincloudhk


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One thought on “03.08.11 [EngTrans] Rain @ Beijing FM90.0

  1. hafy 03/08/2011 at 1:38 pm Reply

    i love uuuu rain biii and i see every day fullllll houssse i love it <3<3<3

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