03.06.11 [Clip+Eng Trans] Rain Interview On MBC Section TV

-Rain part-


It was Rain who was most loudly cheered by the crowd.

They really admired even his sexy back.

He did do something that feels worth waiting for.


Rain who is now active in the international arena over Asia.

Rain : I wonder how I dare to deserve this award. I’d like to thank you all for this wonderful award. Dare I say, I’ll continue to do it to the best of my ability as a singer and actor to do such a great work that would fit with the image of the name of the award. Thank you.


Rain : Just to be with them here, is too great an honor for me.


Rain : The title of the movie has yet to be decided. The choice lies between ‘Living in the Sky’ or ‘Red Muffler’.
I play a fighter pilot in this movie.


Q : Which actress do you work with in the movie?

Rain : It’s actress Shin Se Kyung.

Q : How do you like her?

Rain : Good! How could anybody dislike such a beautiful actress?


(Actor ‘Lee Beom Soo’s wife is an expectant mother)

Rain : Hope she’ll give birth to a daughter and no question asked.

[The old clip] _Rain : Sons are utterly useless.

If I’m married and has a daughter, I want to drive her to preschool every morning.
That way, I would be a very happy and fulfilled father. I’d like to live in a houseful of daughters.


That’s why he was only interested in the little girl, not the little boy, and he was carrying only the girl.
He proved himself to have weakness for daughters.


Rain : As a Korean man, I’m planning to join the military late this year. I’ll be back after the successful military service.

Credit : DC // re up ratoka @ youtube
Brief translation by rain bird


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One thought on “03.06.11 [Clip+Eng Trans] Rain Interview On MBC Section TV

  1. rocket 03/07/2011 at 6:24 pm Reply

    Who is Lee Beom Soo’s wife? And why is the relevant in this interview? I’m confused.

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