03.02.11 [FanCams] Rain @ 2nd Korea Seoul Art Culture Award

Credit: miyupy @ YOUTUBE


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One thought on “03.02.11 [FanCams] Rain @ 2nd Korea Seoul Art Culture Award

  1. kongsao 03/03/2011 at 1:58 am Reply

    watching rain wearing that LUX on him it just so define look of him who wear it so good and STUNNING !!
    he seeme to be very so happy on that day his smiler keep make rain smile the hole day he add when they called him to his award rain adimdly pict up that little first then recived his award u can tell rain are DEEPLY serious wanted to have gril daugther and it itching me and melthing my heart for such a LOVER FATHER he can be!!
    to be honest rain is such a human being and stright gentleman that i so adorable him from my bottom of my heart and this award very show alot love from all his fan yet the tiille gril their rain differenly so truiong with kids awawawawaw…. 🙂
    i could not stop been seeing him this EXTREMLY happy for so long and yeah he shine up of that stage and he carry that killer look too
    ONCE again rain CONGRAT!! to this award *Appluse*

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