03.02.11 [EngTrans] Rain Interview @ “The Best” Press Conf.

Rain being interviewed at a press conference concerned with preventing desertification and with his Beijing concert, ‘The Best’

-Rain part-


For this meaningful work, I think we’ll have to give much thought about the practice of trying small things first in our general life.


And I think we’ll have to make a concerted effort to prevent desertification.


For that practice, I intend to conduct the campaign and to take the initiative in this issue, starting with my concert where we are together on March 26th.


I’m now filming a movie about the life of a fight pilot. You can expect to see the movie sometime next year.

My drama ‘the Fugitive Plan B’ ended well not long ago, and my new album will be released soon. I hope to get a lot of support from you.


It’ll probably be a two or two and a half hour show, and it has two parts.

In the first part of the show, a unique laser performance will be presented, and its second part will show a fantastic mask performance. There will be no guest appearances from the cast of the concert, but maybe someone turns up as a surprise guest, maybe not.

Credit : youku // re-up ratoka @ youtube

Brief translation by rain bird.


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One thought on “03.02.11 [EngTrans] Rain Interview @ “The Best” Press Conf.

  1. Flower 03/02/2011 at 5:59 pm Reply

    Rain is so darn charming. And when he smile his charm increases even more.

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