02.07.11 [screenjunkies] 10 Best Korean Comedy Movies

“These 10 best Korean comedy movies are a riot. These Korean productions are very funny and provide great entertainment; take the opportunity to see what other countries consider comedy. If you have the chance to see any of these ten comedies, you will discover that comedy can be universal.” ~Breakstudios

  1. “The Worst Guy Ever” (2007): This romantic comedy is a humorous look at what happens when best friends sleep together and get married.  The male protagonist, Sung-Tae, goes from being Joo-Yung’s best pal to the worst guy ever. Sung-Tae has his work cut out for him to win her friendship back. This movie is a bright and funny look at friendship and sex.
  2. “My Girlfriend is an Agent” (2009): This sexy comedy follows the undercover exploits of the sexy and charming Ahn Soo-ji. An action-adventure with comedy spun throughout the plot. “My Girlfriend is an Agent” is a very refreshing and smart movie. With Russian spies trying to steal a chemical weapon from Korea, it is up to our dashing agent to save the day.
  3. “My Tutor Friend” (2002): This sexy comedy follows our sweet protagonist as she takes on the duties of a tutor. With her father out of work, tuition payments are hard to come by. This sophomore takes on tutoring, but finds it difficult, as the ones she tutors are more concerned about sex than learning.
  4. “If” (2000): A smart and witty film about a single pregnant woman balancing her pregnancy and a wanting young man. A classic boy loves girl but girl is preoccupied romantic comedy. This is a chick flick through and through and a great pocket movie to get you in good with your woman.
  5. “I’m A Cyborg But That’s Okay” (2006): Set in an institution, this romantic comedy follows our male protagonist as he tries to solve the mental issues of Young-goon, a beautiful woman who thinks she is a cyborg. The antics are witty and the pursuit charming, all making this a fun film.
  6. “Afrika” (2002): Mix four down and out and beautiful women together and you have an instant classic. Toss in a gun and all hell will break loose. A funny and sexy film with legs, boobs and guns done Korean style, Afrika is a true delight.
  7. “Detective, Mr. Gong” (2006): Here is a bright Korean comedy about a police detective that cannot keep his life straight. A clumsy and awkward person, Gong fumbles and bumbles his way from case to case but somehow always getting his man. Think Don Adams and “Get Smart” in an Asian setting.
  8. “Vampire Cop Rickey” (2005): Another hilarious Korean comedy about a police officer turned vampire. The law and his lust for blood and sex drive Rickey. A wild ride filled with crazy twists, turns, and tons of action. Jo Yeo-Yeong is a classic zany comedic actor with the flair for great acting.
  9. “The President’s Last Bang” (1995): An unexpected dark comedy that chronicles the assassination of a Korean President by one of his confidants. This Korean movie is considered a masterpiece by many and controversial by others. Praised for direction and acting “The President’s Last Bang” is an unexpectedly good ride.
  10. “Save the Green Planet” (2005): Byung-Gu is the village bee farmer who believes aliens live among us. He further believes aliens are the cause of all our social problems. He sets out to prove his theory and save the planet.  he convinces his loving girlfriend of the plot and the two set off into a comic adventure.

source: http://www.screenjunkies.com/movies/genres-movies/comedies/10-best-korean-comedy-movies/


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3 thoughts on “02.07.11 [screenjunkies] 10 Best Korean Comedy Movies

  1. Tyra 02/07/2011 at 8:40 pm Reply

    OMG, I love I’m A Cyborg. He was so funny in that movie and cute.

  2. patricia 02/07/2011 at 11:27 pm Reply

    i love every show he has came out with; i love that he can take the worse situation and turn it to a really great one

  3. flofreak 02/08/2011 at 5:03 am Reply

    I loved that movie…he acted so well, and also, the kiss scene: great:D.

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