02.05.11 [TVDaily] Picture Showing Baekga & Rain Posing For A Picture Together In Paris Becomes The Talk Of The Town

A photo both Baekga and Rain took on their France’s Paris trip, has been opened to the public.

Baekga, who is on friendly terms with Rain, recently posted a picture on his mini homepage with his writing, “by100 &rain paris by100”

This picture features Baekga and Rain sitting next to each other against a background of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. They seem to be getting taste of Paris, while perching on the balustrade.

In the picture, the two look away from each other, wearing black sunglasses, which has unique atmosphere. Also, they are showing off their own fashion senses and transforming a plain picture into an art one, having different ways of making their clothes look distinctively stylish.

Netizens saw the picture and posted his commented on it, “They seem to maintain strong friendships.” “I envy Rain traveling with his close friend in Paris.” ” Seeing Rain with Baekga, the atmosphere looks great.”

credit to TV Daily http://news.nate.com/view/20110205n03094
Brief translation by rain bird.


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One thought on “02.05.11 [TVDaily] Picture Showing Baekga & Rain Posing For A Picture Together In Paris Becomes The Talk Of The Town

  1. kongsao 02/06/2011 at 3:24 am Reply

    yes me too very evny rain and his best firend buddy beak-ga have spen alot time together and try to have their conncetion relationship as much as he can i know it very touching monment for these to can show their fans who faitful it mean to these guy if i ever to set in btwwwwwwwwww these 2 guy i would love to ask them for hug of sak for me and them i mean their firensdship very bought high diffination to their worlds. they are so decade to each other just like a trail would never stop them for what ever reason. he not just a good firend of him but who are his perfessional Photographer and raoming around to keep rain happy and company for the life. i belive beak-ga very know how to treat his buddy rain wram and acomplish him… TRUE FIREND and true honor!! agreed!! ^__^ .

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