01.25.11 [Clips] More Fan Cams of Rain At MCM Store Event In London

Credit: xxPiriPirixx @ youtube

Credit: Hamid2493  @ youtube

Credit: nyplay @ youtube

Credit: dirtyh0neycash @ youtube

Credit: xteedotessx @ youtube

Credit: rainbowrez  @ youtube

Credit: belanqueen @ youtube



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One thought on “01.25.11 [Clips] More Fan Cams of Rain At MCM Store Event In London

  1. kongsao 01/27/2011 at 12:29 am Reply

    look at all of them even he shak his man hand and other thoes fan say I LOVE YOU!
    it very warm rain up and boos his feeling HOW MUCH THAT fans in U.K. love them man is!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u could amagzine he have a 5 star shine in their city ekekek man + Women are scream out for his love he touch me and sing their Althougraph and some just smell at him and yelling these fan give me such a chuckle!! feeling and prouds of all of them. 2 vid ROFL… i think that excited very make her so happy i could get much all i know he touch me happy ending!! 🙂 the wating and stand and screammmmming \(or_O)/ ooohhhhhhhh!1 make me CHUCKLE so prouds of thoes fan their ! 🙂
    the OVERWHILIMING was EXCEELENT for that day of London ever! before he leave they greet him with a WE LOVE U RAIN !! rain speak THANK U !
    this teeling how apporcaited he he and so happy to their their at lease our man got the best outcame from where he visit and where he leave them the most unforgetable feeling to them and that <———- is was a WRAM HEART TO RAIN from thoes U.K. fans 🙂

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