01.25.11 [kpoplive] Exclusive Coverage of Rain Meeting Uk Fans at the MCM Store Signing

World star Rain has been in London for the past week on holiday; and just before returning home, he decided to meet his fans whilst making a guest appearance at the MCM London store!

On the 25th of January the ‘Rainism‘  was brought to the UK, as fans  started queuing for 3 hours in the rain for a chance to meet the star; at a surprise guest signing at the MCM store. Rain has been around Europe for the past few months according to sources on vacation. He arrived in a white limo dressed in casual jeans, T-shirt  and   a exclusive MCM Jacket that is part of a collaboration with the Japanese company Phenomenon.

Bora the marketing manager for the London branch said ” he is here for a personal favour as a brand ambassador, as well as being  a close friend to the CEO, he is flying off today and  it was a last minute arrangement  and Rain thought it would be a nice way to meet his UK fans “Rain signed various items purchased from the store as well as posing for photos and providing hugs and fans commented that “ he was so friendly and down to earth”.

Upon leaving the venue he took the chance to sign stuff for fans who were unable to purchase anything before heading off to Heathrow airport.




credit: Jejjmin@kpoplive.com

source: http://www.kpoplive.com/2011/01/25/exclusive-coverage-of-rain-meeting-uk-fans-at-the-mcm-store-signing/


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