01.19.11 [StarNews] Taiwan’s actor Jay Chou says”Rain can dance well and has a really nice body.”

-Rain part-

‘Jay Chou’ who is one of the most famous stars in Taiwan, said what he thought of Rain’s work as an actor in the Hollywood.

A press conference promoting movie ‘The Green Hornet 3D’ co-starring ‘Michel Gondry’, ‘Jay Chou’, and ‘Seth Rogen’, was held in Seoul’s Shilla Hotel, Korea, on the 19th, at 11am.

At this press conference, ‘Jay Chou’ said, “I saw Rain’s Hollywood film Nija Assassin,” and “Hope more Asian actors and actresses to crack Hollywood in the future. In this way, the Asian market can grow more, I think.”

When there were some comments about that ‘Jay Chou’ looked similar to Rain in ‘The Green Hornet 3D’, ‘Jay Chou’ said about this, “I am not a good dancer and amn’t buffed up with muscles as compared with Rain who can dance well and has a really nice body. I think we’re so utterly different from each other.”

Adding, he provoked a good laugh by saying, “Now I’m trying to build my muscles.”

credit to Star News http://news.naver.com/main/read. … &aid=0002065442

Brief translation by rain bird.



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3 thoughts on “01.19.11 [StarNews] Taiwan’s actor Jay Chou says”Rain can dance well and has a really nice body.”

  1. flower 01/19/2011 at 9:52 am Reply

    I think Jay Chou is cute but he looks nothing like Rain. I am glad that Jay Chou gave Rain his credit and a compliment for his acting, dancing and looks. I too hope more Asian actors and actresses are able to crack Hollywood.

  2. Drea 01/19/2011 at 7:26 pm Reply

    I love his comment.You go jay! We need more people of color period, in more staring roles. Jay and black beauty was the only good thing about that movie. I’m sorry to say, but jay was the star of green hornet.

  3. kongsao 01/20/2011 at 12:37 am Reply

    OMG !! OMG!! OMG!! HOTNESS OVERLOADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    guy i am not sure u know much about Jay chou but as for me he a numerous famous singer and actor in Twianese Entertinment i even have his DVD Concert back then i have watch his Dubbed the “Asian King of Pop,” Chou has been a top-selling artist since his debut album in 2000. He is an award-winning actor, director, composer and pop star. His fan base throughout Asia is immeasurable.
    i actually have quite of his CD and he movie Golden Flower ahahahahah waht a news!!
    also he was just having a concert Friday 31 December 2010 in LA damit i miss his concert i have that newpager he was here in U.S. however he is my farviote singer and actor oh boy not to mentiong he wanted to have a movies with this differnly BE AWESOME flim ever gotta agreed with him on that i do wanted him furture flim together jay cjou is an good actor i have see most of his drama and movies yeah please reconsidering this to happen i do wanted to see them together it will be hotness flim to watch also thees 2 are a singer and actor too wooooooooooooooooooot
    i would love see this happen crossing me finge
    yeah jay chou is nothing like rain but, he known as so poplaur in twainese singer and actor i glad he mention and SAY he wanted to furture movies with rain that mean he surly inspire our rain WORLD STAR !!
    i was impressive reading his new i know jay chouc for long time now he is my scecond singer and actor
    and this new i am liking alot why if these 2 are in flim together it will tore down the ENTERTINEMTN yet more fan lover rain matter fact he can contrubute their stage together one day i felling this so good thank u jay for putting rain in your furture mobies and me i am crossing my finger to see it happen !!

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