01.17.11 [Cloud Notice] How To Apply For Admission To Sapporo Snow Festival

Hi, we’re the 7th Cloud executive.

Organizers say Rain is scheduled to perform during ‘Sapporo Snow Festival’ on February 11th, and 200 seats can be reserved for fan club.

For more information, please check the linked site.


Here is an announcement about that, participants will be received on a first-come first-serve basis through e-mail.


The event sponsor is in an awkward situation as they are on delicate ground in giving fan club the advantage of securing some seats, over others, so on the 17th, we’ve finally come to post a notice. For this reason, our schedule is too tight.

We know you’ll be embarrassed by this situation, but we are asking you to understand this and hope that there are many of you who will participate in this event.


* We’ll take applications for participation on our website from January 20th (Thu) at 9pm to the early hours of January 21st (Fri)

* The term of remittance : January 21st (Fri) ~ January 25th (Tue)


– Applications for participation will be canceled in case you don’t send in the payment by the designated date.

– We’ll try to ask the event sponsor to extend the deadline for the payment.


* Ticket price : 5,800 yen // We’ll notify you as soon as the price is established.

There is quite a possibility that you’ll have it deposited directly into the bank account of Miss hina who is the master for Japanese fans, due to exchange rate effects or the extremely compressed schedule.

*The number of applicants : The number of applicants will be limited to a maximum of four, including you.

* The 7th Cloud fans are eligible to make applications for participation.

* Participants will be received on a first-come first-serve basis through e-mail.


Many fans from Japan are expected to make applications for participation because this event will be held in Japan.

At least 50 from other countries except Japan among 200 applicants, will be admitted to the event.

(E-mail-in 50 applications will only be accepted if received before the due date (by January 17th (Mon) at 11am, but Japanese fans will be given a chance to attend the event if the number of 50 isn’t filled up.)

It is impossible for fans from other countries except Japan to buy the tickets, so please understand this. You will be admitted on a first come, first served basis through e-mail.

The shortlist to 200 applicants could be posted earlier when application closes sooner than expected (the original deadline is January 21st (Friday morning))

★ Please read the notice carefully.

Those who will send e-mail together, should cover the same ground in the title and the representative, the limit for the duplication of e-mail is 4. (The order will be moved back from 5 duplications.)

Duplication will be checked from 8pm on January 20th.

★ The time you send e-mail

January 20th (Thu) 9pm.

★ Email address


★ How to send e-mail

The title : The name of the representative, The total number of applicants (including you), Nation

ex) ‘Jung Ji Dol’, 3 people, Korea.

The contents : All applicants’ names (ID)/ contact number

ex) ‘Jung Ji Dol’ (raiiin) 010-1111-2222

‘Jung Ji Soon’ (820625) 011-123-1234

‘Jung Hoon Nam’ (oppa) 010-625-0625

* The captured email list will be posted about an hour after the application through e-mail

* Hope those who’ll be there come rain or shine will register to enter.

* Information about remittance will be given later.



Brief translation by rain bird.


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