01.14.10 [BNTNews] What was Rain’s response after MBLAQ completing a first stage?

There has been a lot of MBLAQ related Rain news lately…we hope you don’t mind ^^ We are as proud of Rain’s boys as he is! ~

(Rain mentions below)

“MBLAQ Wants To Be Called The, “Comfortable Neighborhood Oppa Idols”

MBLAQ who came back with first full album ‘BLAQ Style’, which is released in one year and two months of debut, is a group where members are united with various different kinds of charms.
In these days when there are an abundant amount of idols who do activities only for a short time through single album which have only one or two songs, MBLAQ put 13 songs in their own styles and came back to fans as their first sets of CDs had run out.

At the beginning of debut, MBLAQ debuted glamorously through Rain’s fame and challenged to be a boy group in singing industry’s top, but their grade has remained as average. A lot of expectations toward them has put negative points to MBLAQ, but their ambition is great as their first full album contains MBLAQ’s own unique color and staying out of Rain’s fame.

The feeling of 25,000 first full album CDs being sold out must be refreshing.
We were worried that so many people forgot us since our preparation time was long, but now we are thankful and happy because it feels like we got very huge presents as soon as we came back.

What is the difference between choreographies of title songs ‘Stay’ and ‘Cry’?

If ‘Stay’ has emphasized on strong performance, ‘Cry’ has expressed a sadness of capturing a woman who leaves based on melodies. Since both songs came out with amazing choreographies, please love those a lot.

I was surprised to see young boy fan to married women fans in a fan meeting.

What is the key of attracting diverse age groups?

We were really touched because a lot of fans came to the fan meeting just for MBLAQ. I thank them so much since many fans did not forget us despite the long break and came despite the cold weather. The key to MBLAQ’s popularity is each individual members’ charms. We think that we appeal to diverse age groups because hyungs have matureness while maknaes have cuteness. It felt glorifying to see fan meeting song (of MBLAQ)

being on top of search list as terminator of singing ability. (G.O)

At the fan meeting, Thunder’s body have become issues with fans. What kinds
of exercise did you do mostly?

I went to the fitness center with Joon hyung and ate a lot of food which contained

How does it feel to complete a first comeback stage in one year and two months?

I was so overwhelmed (with happiness) to hear fans’ scream and decided to pay
back by working hard. (Seungho)

I was worried a lot during a long preparation time, but I am happy that we completed
a come back stage despite the fact that we have more rooms to improve. (G.O)

I felt that my heart will burst because it has been a long time since standing
on a stage. (Lee Joon)

I was nervous on a comeback stage as much as the debut stage. My oldest sister
(Sandara Park) came to the comeback stage for a support, so I always wanted to say thank you. Since it’s just a start, we will work harder. (Thunder)

I was touched because a lot of fans came. We will work harder from now on, so please
support us a lot. (Mir)

What was Rain’s response after completing a first stage?

He called us and gave a support by telling us to play a lot in stage as much as how much we never got to play previously. We did our best with a thought that he is watching over us and to show that we are really working hard.

Lee Joon received a lot of positive comments through acting skill in a drama ‘Jungle Fish’, so what kind of character do you want to take charge in at a next drama?

Thank you so much for regarding the acting skill kindly since it lacks a lot due to filming a drama while doing a singer job. There are a lot of roles which I have not tried yet, so I want to do various roles, especially strong action ones.

Mir is showing a lot of nephew love. Is it due to teacher Rain’s ‘daughter fool’ influence?

He’s my first nephew and I originally like babies a lot. (laughs)

Seungho has composed the intro for first full album, so what kinds of feeling did you had while composing and did you thought of anyone while composing?

Since it’s a start of first full album, I put a lot of effort. I composed this song to have a reflection time about previous preparation moments and activities before the first full album came out.

‘Chic idol’ is a nickname for MBLAQ. Is there any other nickname that you want to be called?

It’s a nickname that we were called as since the beginning of debut, so we like this nickname the most. If we have to pick another nickname, probably a comfortable ‘neighbor oppa idol’? It’s a meaning that contains a feeling of being closer to fans. (laughs)

You guys have set a goal to be in a first place at main broadcasting companies,
so what will be the next goal if you guys achieve a first place?

It’s a grand award! To receive a grand award at a music show award ceremony! We will
really work hard for that.

What is a group that do you guys want fans to view as?

We hope to be a group which always show diverse forms. Not a same form of group, but be a group which develops every single day and make people think ‘Ah! There was that side of MBLAQ’. Please support us a lot and watch for us.

Source: BNT News
Translated/Reuploaded & Credits: seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack.com // dkpopnews


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2 thoughts on “01.14.10 [BNTNews] What was Rain’s response after MBLAQ completing a first stage?

  1. yana 01/14/2011 at 11:04 pm Reply

    Congratulations to MBLAQ because your 1st album so great.I will buy your orignal CD in the music valley shope.
    Not forget to thanks to Rain too..

  2. kongsao 01/14/2011 at 11:09 pm Reply

    ohhhhhhhhhhh!! this such so sweet of the boy they are such an haedworking what can i say i see thier stayt with high deafeaning and so amazing the boy are really for this and yet they did stage with so beauitful play with thier song and improve their sining and dance too i was absultly love ever peace of their song “STAY it very and i have to say those A+’s are amazing!!!…best fan club ever!!
    that was EXTREMLY love it!! it sprining and falwless with their style yet the water and their perform it full fitted the more thoes are Blaq look so HOT !1 THEY ARE FIRE.. like they bring new image to their amazinly the boys are differnly grow and look at the stage not to mention it but they are very kill it with that perform ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT!! absolutly totally fell the excited the very did a GOOD job rain will be proud of u 5 of 5 gald rain traing them so well, well done rain “STAY”
    I AM LIKING !!
    love the style the horeograph
    and G.O. is SOOOOOOOOOO HOT in this perform i just sizzling and doorling over him help me!
    the boy are aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww.. and i have to say the fans chat is totally of the HOOk go hit that chart mblaq oh yeah!! IMPRESSIVE 🙂

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