01.07.11 [Full] Adieu 2010 w/ Rain (Concert 2)

Opening + I’m Coming + Touch Ya part 1

You + Talking part 2

Not A single Day + one + new year part 3

How to avoid the sun + only you + I like you again part 4

Rain @ changing room + I do part 5

My Girl + Love is part 6

with you +fresh woman part 7

Hip Song + Don’t Stop + Love Story part 8

Love Song + Nan part 9

Rainism part 10

It’s Raining + Na (me) part 11

Bad Guy + Instead of saying goodbye part 12

Ending part 13

Credit : DC // Re-up ratoka @ youtube


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6 thoughts on “01.07.11 [Full] Adieu 2010 w/ Rain (Concert 2)

  1. MoonRogue 01/07/2011 at 9:22 pm Reply

    Hi Jax/Kajima

    How are you? I love the post. I miss you guys… 😦
    Thanks for posting. I wish I was there but you guys are so awesome that I felt like I was there after watching the videos.

    Thanks Ladies,

    Moon Rogue

  2. Pluie625 01/08/2011 at 6:26 am Reply

    The girl was so lucky! I’m jealous hehehe

    Rain had a great time seems like he doesn’t want to leave the stage. And he’s really naughty hahaha. The bowing at the end part made me cry once again…

  3. felisshi 01/09/2011 at 12:31 pm Reply

    This was probably by far the most unforgettable concert that Rain ever performed. Here he did a New Year countdown, an actual stage marriage proposal that he instigated, an enjoyable audience participation and a Rain tribute by fans toward the end of the program that caught him by surprise. Summing up, I enjoyed this series of videos that you shared with us. What a lovely New Year surprise. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed watching the concert. It’s as if I was there myself with the audience. I had a BLAST. Rain must be feeling exhausted by his second concert but still he gave his best to the audience’s satisfaction. His throat must be really raw from singing and shouting but still he didn’t stop. I’m sure everybody went home very, very happy. The Rain tribute brought tears in my eyes, especially when Rain humbled himself by bowing to the audience in gratitude. I’d like to thank everyone where credit is due, sixtofive staff, DC, ratoka for sharing this vdo with us. And to Rain, who is our source of inspiration and joy, may he fulfill his dreams and wishes this New Year and hope that he lives peacefully and healthy. Aja Aja !! Love you sixtofive and fellow Clouds. Happy New Year.

  4. nair1 01/21/2011 at 11:35 am Reply

    Thanks for posting!!The Rain tribute ,well deserved! what humility! a big an idol, thank you for this joy to see the concert!I live in Uruguay Greetings!

  5. kongsao 01/21/2011 at 4:27 pm Reply

    thank u for the best and unforgetable concert toward all his fan that rain give such an outstanding and tribute to all Asia fans all around the world came to see him and spen a night of NEW YEARS with as well see rain so excited when the clock hit 2011 he was so excited and knowing him been just trun 30age must be one huma being he is differenly inspire me when i see how thoughful of share his feeling with his fans and aduiance yet the sweet and tear in him a little very touch me alot. it so true that rain give such a good SPLEDID concert to all his adiuance and toward the ending he bow to his fan that touched me the most i was tearing out and shock he did that very touch that why i love him much more and supirse by fans and himself i never see anything solos singer like rain can keep me more .. and more .. love him he just a touch of the botom of my heart. sining and dancing dor 20 song he vey have such an humblle stage and we all thoes fans must be so happy alongside with and that ending years that was very so lucky to spend that time of the years with how i wish am in SEOUL.. i will be in his concert no matter what but that just so goos to have fun with rain in his perfroms it all wroted for the concert and goes.
    my dear rain with your heart of sharing thank u give us he best entertinament concert and more of your motto life full with furfil in your dream and suceed your goal in any file you working into.
    we love and we do u forever nerverless u are our spirit and life please stay healthy for ok good luck to new ablim and movies comming soon awhating! aja aja fighthing! 🙂

  6. kongsao 01/21/2011 at 4:30 pm Reply

    rain i forget i wanted to CONGRAT to your sucssuful the concert and THUM UP b(^__^)d
    big APPLUSE to this succed concert u have did again with the ungorgetable concert of 2010… !!

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