01.06.11 [Sports Josun] A Video Clip Showing Rain Has Weakness For Little Girls Is The Talk Of Town

A video clip showing that Rain has a weakness for little girls, has recently been on a community website. This clip shows Rain doting on only little girls on TV or on radio broadcasts or at his autography parties.

In the clip, Rain is seen saying the words through SBS TV’s show program ‘Strong Heart’, “I’d like to be a father who has three daughters and bring my future daughters to preschool every morning. Actually, I want to have many daughters.”

Continuing, he is seen asking his acquaintance who is with his son in the corridor of a TV station, “That kid isn’t your daughter?”

On a radio broadcast, he is seen planning to coordinate his future daughter’s style by mixing really cool T-shirts and jeans with her white sneakers and white pants on, based on Bling style, or by mixing leather jackets with leggings in particular on the day when she is 3 years old, by saying, “If my daughter is born, I’ll first make her wear her hair banged and wear a bling-bling necklace with a ring made of pure gold.”

At his autography party, he is also seen opening his arms and hug a little girl.

Netizens saw the clip and wrote their comments, “Being born the daughter of Rain would be a wish come true” or “When Rain’s son is born, he will probably let out a wail.” or “Rain’s future wife can do the chores without great difficulty because he must be good with his daughter.”

credit: Sports Josun / Korean Economy
Brief translation by rain bird
from: raincloudhk


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2 thoughts on “01.06.11 [Sports Josun] A Video Clip Showing Rain Has Weakness For Little Girls Is The Talk Of Town

  1. flower 01/06/2011 at 11:38 am Reply

    This is the sweetest thing ever. I hope Rain find that special women to have his daughters with. I can only imagine being Rain’s daughter how special that would be.

  2. kongsao 01/07/2011 at 3:27 am Reply

    awawwawa……….. this so sweet rain u making my chukle … but it so true i can see in all thoes vid u seeme to be loving kid so much and regarling u are artis u still put a open mind that u love have a kid well, rain one these day u will and i know that will shock the hold world but it life right!! ..that was so cute of u dressing her like an artis eekke i differenly fell the man own his kis with sweet and became idol too hear………..! what rain say i love both boy & gril ekeke rain u making me wanted have kid with u now!! ahahha i i do wanted to hug u and the kid together as tighty i can coz, i know it much it touching u from seeing thoes differrent enviment u at and wanted to carry thoes kid & baby to the soft touch and love heart spread to other that was making them fell love from u ..

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