01.06.11 [allkpop] MBLAQ on their comeback album, independence from Rain, and Japanese debut

After coming back with a strong, addictive new track to conquer the charts this new year, the members of MBLAQ recently took part in an interview with Star News to express some of their thoughts they harbored during the preparations for their comeback.

The first point that they revealed was that they had returned to their ‘rookie mindsets,’ with Seunghoconcentrating on his piano lessons and G.O. focusing on writing and composing songs.  Every track featured in their comeback album features the members’ individual voices and opinions behind the production.

Lee Joon revealed, “We always thought that we weren’t properly prepared, so we worked on everything right from the start this time around.  As opposed to performing something made to show ourselves off, we’re planning to express clean music and choreography.  Our first official album is extremely precious to us in that it’s filled with just our voices alone.”

MBLAQ has also declared a sort of separation from their mentor and creator, Rain.  Their first official album prioritized the participation of all the members, de-emphasizing Rain and leaving him to work on an extra side track instead of the main title track.

The album also features the work of E-TRIBEWontag, Rado, and other indie hip hop and R&B musicians to give it an extra charismatic touch.

Personally declaring it their ’second debut,’ the boys were asked how Rain felt as they underwent the preparations.  Seungho replied, “Jihoon-hyung (Rain) always emphasized confidence and also asked us to leave the comfort of his arms.  As a form of independence, we personally chose all of the songs and participated in the production.  It was an opportunity for us to balance freedom and restriction.”

The boys also reflected on their past year, with G.O. stating, “We looked back on a lot of things such as the painful preparation we all underwent before our debut.  We spent a lot of time on improving ourselves with writing music, studying, and exercising.  It’s helped us get a lot stronger.

MBLAQ also revealed that they’re panning for a Japanese debut this April.  Lee Joon replied, “Before we even began a clear promotion cycle, fans from different Asian countries recognized and greeted us.  We’re going to be lending our strength to the Hallyu wave soon.

Seungho concluded, “We just want to enjoy the stage.  We have to run as fast and hard as rabbits.”

Source + Photos: Star News via Daum

Credit: vitalsign@allkpop




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