12.31.10 [Clip+Eng Trans] What Rain Said After He Bowed To Fans At The End Of 2nd Concert


Actually, I think today is the best day of my life.


First of all… all I have done is work, but this year has probably made me realize the things I didn’t know about the real world.


Particularly, ‘In Soony’, my big senior, has graced the occasion with her presence today.


Thank ‘In Soony’, a much loved and highly respected singer, so much for taking time out of her busy schedule to attend my show, in particular on the last day of the year 2010.


And..many of you here today..


I love you!

vid credit DC // RE-up ratoka @ youtube
English translation by rain bird.


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3 thoughts on “12.31.10 [Clip+Eng Trans] What Rain Said After He Bowed To Fans At The End Of 2nd Concert

  1. kongsao 01/05/2011 at 4:34 pm Reply

    You can tell he was really touched by the greeting slide show. looking at rain the face and expression show in his face saying He was really appreciative to all this work and message to him how i wish i can be part this i know i well crying yet impressive by that touch. This was a great video because it was so close up on him. that was so touch of rain he greet them and told thenm that was a specail day for come to his concert..
    i fell bad that i could even be their for his Adieu concert it meanful alot to rain of that slide show and rest of his fans coming to see him he sure put alot effort toward that concert yet his hardwoking as who he worldstar…
    we would never foreget who and why u are rain to my bottom of my heart i love and suporting no where ever your spirit goes i alway their with u forever… like u alway said I LOVE CLOUDS!!
    this what we get from and u derserved our love back from it.. it was so move by him here I was very touched everything he put the song am your firend & world i wanted to say to u!! he is our amazing singer and entertiment forever rain we love u Saraghae… 🙂

  2. BI-llarreal 01/05/2011 at 6:38 pm Reply

    ♪…´se I´m your CLOUD FOREVER don´t forget.. ♪

  3. winromeo 01/05/2011 at 11:38 pm Reply

    it was such a touching moment, and a great way to end the concerts. I’ve never seen him so relaxed and happy and full of gratefulness before, he really just wanted to show his fans all the best stuff! With Baeg-ka being there, I’m sure RAin’s very happy and looked super relaxed with his BFF right by his side.
    The two shows were perfect. Thank you Rain. xoxo

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