01.03.11 [Clip] Fan Slideshow @ Adieu 2010 w/ Rain

Did your msg to Rain make the surprise slideshow? Find out below! ^^

source: LetsGoHomeWithRain@yt


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8 thoughts on “01.03.11 [Clip] Fan Slideshow @ Adieu 2010 w/ Rain

  1. flower 01/03/2011 at 10:50 am Reply

    This was so sweet and touching. Everytime I watch this video and others I become so emotional. You can tell Rain appreciated this because of the bowing and you could hear the emotion in his voice. Rain has the best Clouds ever.

    When did they show this at the end of the first or second show?

  2. kongsao 01/03/2011 at 8:35 pm Reply

    thus so touching seeing rain have such a lover clouds suporting all over the asia and yet who come across the world for his concert and even get an extra need what ever they can pss onto rain listing to this I WANTED TO SAY !!
    i so emotional that he not just give the love to all his fans but who such a connection with regradless what age of they he does”t care and even love them same treat this how much i see in his human being is he belong to this world and why a reason he world star coz it mean for him to be i belive.
    looking at this if i was to be i might the first gril to shreeding my tear over that rain so very pilite and very respectful to everything he BOW* them and thank u for what ever he can give hope and love that why i am very could STOP love him the reason is in your heart and u know rain have make alot fans it not easy for him he just so amazing person that we love him each day and more he very have the effect of us that we would never let him goes and me i know he is a major to everything i love how he keep them so touch!same passion for this amazing man that we love him so much that we must keep this in mind rain is the ONLY ONE ! that can give us reailty and entertinment i love him so much that i am PROUDS to be his coulds yet knowing and deacover him… 🙂 that what is be all of the outpouring from Clouds to Rain it well dersved and be ..LOVE IT!! this so touch & Sweet ..

  3. Ktie 01/04/2011 at 12:56 am Reply

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGGOMGOMG MY PHOTO AND MSG WAS USED!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine starts at 1:00 (from England)!!!! Im like crying… so overwhelmed that my idol could see my msg to him. Thank you sixtofive1982!!!! Because of your english translation onto this site I was able to email my pic in!!!! Omg….!!!! Cant believe it!!!!!!

    • jax625 01/04/2011 at 7:50 am Reply

      awww, congrats katie! that’s really special, you are so lucky!

      • ktie 01/04/2011 at 1:17 pm Reply

        Thank youu!! 😀 It’s seriously something real special because it means a lot not only to me, but also to Rain and all the heart of his fans! 🙂 Im so happy i was apart of that, especially since I couldnt make it to the concert. Im also very happy MBLAQ must have seen it since they were there haha 🙂

    • newcloud 01/04/2011 at 7:30 pm Reply

      Congrats to you!!! You must be so excited and I am so excited for you!!!!!!!

  4. Black Angie 01/04/2011 at 7:05 am Reply

    OMG…I went to Korea on 24-28 Dec 10.
    I would like to participate in this concert, but I can not. I know that I miss important opportunities.

    And when I watch this video (including clips, etc.), it makes me cry.
    I’m not crying because they did not see the concert.
    But I am impressed with the picture I have seen.
    I can not tell anything other than words. “I love you forever.” 난 영원히 당신 을 사랑 해요.
    And I believe that Fans will love you forever as well.
    Like you love your Fans.

    “The best thing in my life is…TO LOVE YOU…
    And i will support you forever anyway I can”

    I’m your friend forever don’t foget.

  5. Pluie625 01/05/2011 at 7:25 am Reply

    Wow! That was soooo heartwarming clip. I was having goosebumps while watching it and I’m crying too. And when Rain bowed and kissed the stage that made me cry even more….

    Congratulations ktie!

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