01.02.10 [Osen] Rain Is Very Happy Because He Is In His 30’s

Singer Rain who has turned thirty in 2011, is very happy, “It’s really nice because now here I’m in my 30s.”

Rain met with reporters after his ‘2010 Adieu With Rain’ concert in Janshil Gymnasium on the night of last 31st and said to them, “I’ve always dreamed of being in my 30s”. I’m very happy because I think that I’ve come to turn thirty.”

Continuing, “In fact, there were too many things happening in my 20s. So I’ve been waiting for this day when I turn thirty because I think I could be back to normal by then. I think I can forget about all the complications of life and be free from anxiety even in a brief space of time although I am worn out while I enter the army, so I’m really looking forward to it.” and “I would probably still be busy even in my 30s, but I think I can find peace of mind and allow my mind to take a break during my military life.”

Adding, he gave a hint, “I plan to continue to work as a singer and actor in 2011. My new album will be released in around about April, it would be a shocking retro style.”

credit o Osen http://news.nate.com/view/20110101n04360


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3 thoughts on “01.02.10 [Osen] Rain Is Very Happy Because He Is In His 30’s

  1. flower 01/02/2011 at 3:07 pm Reply

    I cannot wait to hear his album? So I wonder when is he going on his world tour? I am assuming after his album is released.

  2. flower 01/02/2011 at 3:19 pm Reply

    Whether you are going to be 29 or turned 30 by Korean standards. You are one hot sexy man!!! In my opinion you are definitely hotter than some guys in the entertainment business that are younger. On top of all your sexyness you really can sing and act your but off. So I am glad you are planing on continueing singing and acting, I would miss you too much.

  3. kongsao 01/02/2011 at 9:52 pm Reply

    gosh he so happy he is not mention he very happy to see like it happen but who are never age a bit rain that it not matter what is matter is that u countine to shine and give us the best
    Non-profit organization that helps create of u that give such an entertinment that we love and inspiration of u as in GLOBAL fan & clouds are!!
    The achievements act of accomplishing or finishing. Something accomplished successfully and improve of the business annd suceed GOAL in your neares furture what ever u do rain u are smart, charming, sexy, heart fuliter, honest, sweet, hardworking, humble, root to your unfold work,acting, singer, dancer, TV Varity Show it all becoz, of u that give us happy life knowing u and yet became world fans and connection u have give such amazing outstanding performace outstand King of the stage for the rest 8 years and Ablum for to tune in and yet an K-drama that we love to see u and side the other side of u too i sure am learn alot from and yet u know sent u know rain u could never resist from him periods and why?
    we know in our heart ahahha GOOD LUCK and more Firfil and contiune to be best of your happinese motto life and also stay healthy for me ok!!
    we alway suporting and stand by you what ever your next work is!
    Saragahe …3>3 rain 😎

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