12.31.10 [Nate] J.Tune moves to JYP, what happens to Rain and MBLAQ?

JYP Entertainment (hence JYP) is taking steps to a *backdoor listing through Rain’s label J.Tune Entertainment (hence J.Tune), which is under KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) thus, Rain and MBLAQ’s future activities are creating curiosity.

Rain’s company J.Tune is to be renamed. JYP has suceeded the managements rights of J.Tune, and JYP staff will also become J.Tune staff. Park Jin Young has made agreements with his staff. JYP will take on a new name.

Through his home page, Rain said, “the union with Park Jin Young is a mere partnership to have the best synergy effect. I am not going to be an artist under the JYP label. There will be no distribution of the share.” But the results are that Rain is legally under the JYP label. Rain will be an artist under the changing JYP label.

According to Rain, even though he is to be under JYP, the management of J.Tune will be continued by the original staff of J.Tune. Rain is to be drafted to the ROK Army early next year.

MBLAQ, produced by Rain, will continue to be artists under their current label ‘J.Tune Camp’. They will not be changing to JYP. MBLAQ was under ‘J.Tune Camp’, not J.Tune, unrelated to the union between two companies. Rain confirmed, “MBLAQ will continue to be artists under the ‘J.Tune Camp’ label.”

*T/N: backdoor listing – technique used by a company which failed to get listed on an exchange, whereby the company acquires and merges with a company already listed on that exchange.

SOURCE: Nate News


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5 thoughts on “12.31.10 [Nate] J.Tune moves to JYP, what happens to Rain and MBLAQ?

  1. flower 01/01/2011 at 4:12 am Reply

    Can someone explain to me the following:

    I am confused. I thought JYP and this other guy was going to be elected to the board of J. Tune and J. Camp. The other members along with the current CEO were going to resign. But now this article is saying Rain said that J. Tune is going to continue to be ran by the same management. Which way is it?

    So is JYP only taking over J. Tune Entertainment but not J. Tune Camp?

    What is ROK army?

    • Niki 01/01/2011 at 6:02 am Reply

      Hehe maybe I can help…

      1. JYP is acting as a ‘ghost’ manager. He will likely SILENTLY be involved in MBLAQ’s production during Rain’s service.

      2. ROK Army is the ‘Republic of Korea’ Army. It’s basically the title given to the Democratic Korean (South Korea) military, as North Korea is not a democracy. *Long story.

      *note: This is a somewhat sensitive issue. Out of respect for 6to5 board members and visitors, questions directed at Korean military factions might best be addressed privately.

      Hope that helps!

  2. felisshi 01/01/2011 at 8:45 am Reply

    Oh please! Just to hear Rain leaving for the military makes me really sad. It makes me cry. I miss him already.

    • Niki 01/01/2011 at 2:33 pm Reply

      Lol @Felisshi

      By ‘sensitive subject’ I meant talking about ROK and the tension between the North and South…I felt explaining ROK meant going into detail

      As far as Rain going into military, I think we’re all a little bummed about that one heh! He’ll do great tho, of course!

  3. flower 01/05/2011 at 6:08 am Reply

    @NIKI thanks for responding to my question.

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