12.31.10 [FanCams] 20+ More from ADIEU 2010 with Rain

Love Song

Instead of Saying Goodbye

How to Avoid the Sun


Hip Song

Talking + Hip Song


Talking 2

Talking 3

Talking 4

Talking 5


credit : DC // re – up ratoka @ youtube


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3 thoughts on “12.31.10 [FanCams] 20+ More from ADIEU 2010 with Rain

  1. felisshi 01/01/2011 at 8:40 am Reply

    Thanks for sharing these fancam vdos. As in any Rain concerts, I think he gave one spectacular performance as evident in the audience’s response. His outfits are suited to the program. I wonder why he chose to wear fatigues, could that be a prelude to his entry to the military this year? I just hope that he will still give more concerts prior to his 2 yr absence so he will give his fans something to remember him by while he is away. Also, more new songs to make up for his fans while he’s gone. I’m already missing him.

  2. tjrachel 01/01/2011 at 10:45 am Reply

    Last night, while my super energetic 9 year old nephew was entertaining everyone from midnight till the wee hours of the morning(taking pictures of everyone minus their heads), I was waiting for these fancams to be posted. It first came at about 2:30am…then about 4am with additions till now. I think,Rain, had a blast during his concert. You could see it even in these fancams. I’m so happy for him, and I hope he had a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  3. kongsao 01/02/2011 at 10:15 pm Reply

    to me i very think rain give such an outstading to his amazing indeed of this perform i love all his outfit they suit all his song yet the sytle he waer their nothing i have ever see him such so ENGERY.
    this guy not tearing them up but he also have them goes wild and ROCK with him while he is dancing i see some fansgril yelling and screaming yet pull their hand out to reach out for rain while he is perform that telling he not just famous an an artis idol they love and suporting his concert but, also who are wroted to come for rain concert and have such an wow with him threw out all that 20 song he sing it!!
    he very ENTERTINAMENT like any other artis i hav ever see he give his 110% powerful hotness to sexness perform that fan wow and defeaning over his stage THE KING blowing them with SPECTUALR & bring the houes down that was freking fire up on that stage rainnnnnnnnnnn is it HOT in here or just me ekekek @_@

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