12.24.10 [hellokpop] Rain & G.O.D Re-United @ JYP Nation Concert

At the time of writing this article, JYP Nation is currently holding their first ever “family” concert in Seoul called “TEAM PLAY“.

Earlier today, it was revealed a special guest will also perform at “TEAM PLAY” and we guessed that former JYP artist Rain would be there – and it seems like we were right!

It is said that concert gooers went wild when Rain came on stage to perform his hit song with JYP, It’s Raining. Rain, who trained and debuted under JYP parted ways with JYP Entertainment and founded J.Tunes Entertainment where he produced his own boy group, MBLAQ.

Son Hoyoung and Kim Taewoo
In addition to Rain, g.o.d members Kim Tae Woo and Son Ho Young were also special guests tonight. Although, not currently active as a group and signed to JYP, g.o.d is one of the most successful groups ever to debut and sell in the “million” range.

For the special occasion, JYP said “If it weren’t for g.o.d and Rain, I don’t think it would be possible to create the JYP artists today.” Reminiscing training days back in the days with Rain, he said, “Rain has gone through tough training.”

All present JYP artists were at the concert including 2PM, miss A, Wonder Girls, San-E and including JYP who also performed. 2AM were not present due to preparations for their own concert.

JYP Entertainment stated, “JYP Nation welcomes their surprise guests who will perform great stages for all the fans. Hopefully many people will come and celebrate Christmas Eve 2010 and create happy memories with JYP nation.”

Now, this is what you call a family reunion!

Source: TV Daily + Nate

Credit: Phil@hellokpop


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2 thoughts on “12.24.10 [hellokpop] Rain & G.O.D Re-United @ JYP Nation Concert

  1. felisshi 12/24/2010 at 10:31 am Reply

    Yes, it was a family reunion.

  2. kongsao 12/24/2010 at 8:10 pm Reply

    i agree tyhis is family reuion
    long time have see rain & JYP hooked together it about time to BLOW a fulkl blown AGAIN on that stage and that was one hack awesome!!

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