12.22.10[Starnews] Rain’s Fleeting Presence Causes Hongik University Area To Be Set On Fire

Thousands of people flocked to Rain’s fleeting guerrilla date in which guessing his popularity was still smoking,

Rain participated in prerecording “Guerrilla Date”, one of the sections in KBS 2TV entertainment news ‘Yun Ye Ga Joong Gye’, near Hongick Univiersity, from 6pm, last 21st.

This “Guerrilla Date” began near the Hongdae subway station in Seoul City and was done for more than 2 hours, including an interview with him in a cafe near the entrance of the university.

As he made an appearance on the scene, thousands of people came out onto the streets to see him.

It was said that this caused the production crew and his agent’s officials to have such a hard time sorting out the mess.

Rain never lost his composure even in a somewhat dangerous situation where there was absolute mayhem when everyone gathered to see him at once.

He kept his composure in the crowd, dancing to the beat of his hit song ‘Rainism’ while his fans on the scene were singing the song together, which blasted out festive tunes to get the people in a jolly mood, despite the cold weather. He passionately danced to the crowd and was rewarded with an enthusiastic atmosphere.

An official from Rain’s agent expressed on the 22nd, “Rain was all touched by the love of his fans even in the cold weather. He’ll reward them with his activities which move closer to them.”

Meanwhile, Rain’ll meet his fans at his ‘Adieu 2010! With Rain’ concert in Jamshil Gymnasium, Seoul City, upcoming 31st.

credit to Star News http://news.nate.com/view/20101222n08709
Vodeo credit : twitter // DC // Re-up ratoka @ youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qubF-EXB22c
English translation by rain bird.


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One thought on “12.22.10[Starnews] Rain’s Fleeting Presence Causes Hongik University Area To Be Set On Fire

  1. felisshi 12/27/2010 at 7:28 am Reply

    I’m sure Rain loved what was going on. This is reminiscent of that time, one Christmas, when he was just starting in showbiz, and he was inviting all people in the street to join him in a concert, that is if he could invite as many as 6000 people, he would do an impromptu concert. And his way of invitation is shouting and performing while he was in a moving vehicle. Which program was that? What he had to go through ! ! ! That was a very touching scene.

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