12.18.10 [Clips] MNet Rainy Day Season 2 Episode 46

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2 thoughts on “12.18.10 [Clips] MNet Rainy Day Season 2 Episode 46

  1. kongsao 12/19/2010 at 12:09 am Reply

    OMG!! i very wanted his MCM backpack so bad see him carry around everywhere latly it must a specail for rain afterall ahhaha..
    love the ONLY YOU background song i wish i can see rain perforam more of that sexy swaying moving dance again i know a flash back from his RAINISM vcameback Showcase it alway the best show and entertiment that he ever give us, dam seeing walking in that simply look i mean plan short and white t-shirt he just a boy who like exceries too hey rain is that all star they arrong him pluszzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
    he just like us peoids now that what i say this guy truly have something to keeo u touching!!
    O__O did u see that yummy leggie woooooooooooot i wanted to grap his leg now!! yumyumyum!!
    hey guy i wanted to jion the knee sexceries too i gues u forget to called here??? ahahhaha…..
    lord his very have that leg twites around that flexiable body boy no wondering u can dance move and do everything !! LOVE IT!
    Ahaha u can here the Screaming of his perform Rainism here it a close up stage or whatever that is rain very give his amazing stage reder small studium or big but he tearing them up no matter what!YEAH!! PUT YOUR HAND UP !!
    i love how he so intense love to talk with his Japan fans so much he alway open the greet and teasing them with a LORDS excited moods. And who very confident with that negtive Langue he speak all the tim esp japn . i pretty sure if rain ever live in Japn oh yeah he is BIG their ofcurse perhape he is the king in their country too ahhah u know how crazy Japan on rain is right??

    yeah i can”t wait to see that Brith Day cake of JUNG JI HOON
    HAPPY BRITHDAY again to u rain!!

  2. felisshi 12/21/2010 at 5:42 am Reply

    He is sooo handsome in that stage, with the sunglasses on. Did he trip on that Rainism number? I thought he did. Poor guy, must have missed a step. Nevertheless, what a fine performance and the Japanese fans can’t get enough of him. Very nice audience.

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