12.14.10 [Rain-Cloud Notice] A Surprise Event During Rain’s Concert’s 2nd Show Will Be Done

Hi, we’re the 7th Cloud executive board.

By using pictures which show fans’ cheering Rain or brief phrases of encouragement to him which make him get his tail up, we’ll project the slides on the screen, after his encore stage in his concert’s second show upcoming December 31st.

We would be grateful if you could send us the pictures or the brief phrases that will be used for the concert’s second show, through email 7_2ga@naver.com , by December 19th (Sunday), at 24:00, regardless of whether you are a Cloud Rain fan or not.

Unbeknown to Rain this surprise event will be organized.

The selected materials can be edited or adapted.

Thank you.

Brief translation by rain bird.


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One thought on “12.14.10 [Rain-Cloud Notice] A Surprise Event During Rain’s Concert’s 2nd Show Will Be Done

  1. Ktie 12/14/2010 at 5:43 pm Reply

    Wow this is so cool. Wish I could be there to see Rain’s reaction >< I bet it'll be so emotional!!

    Also I wanted to ask, would you by any chance be able to paste the original korean for me please? I wana know what they call this event in Korean so i can write it as the subject in my email. If it's possible, you can email it to me or just update it in this post. Whatevers better for you. Thank you so much!!!! 😀

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