12.06.10 [Dramabeans] Rain’s New Blockbuster Co-Starring Shin Se-Kyung (NOT CONFIRMED)

*Apparently this has NOT been confirmed by J.Tune as yet…

Just as his drama Runaway Plan B comes to a close, Rain has announced his new project, a blockbuster film called Red Muffler (a working title). His co-star? She’s not the A-list superstar one might expect to star opposite Rain, but up-and-comer Shin Se-kyung (Blue Salt, High Kick Through the Roof).

Rain’s casting is finalized, while Shin still has to work out the details of her contract, although it sounds like she’s pretty much a lock. And I say, Shin Se-kyung must have fantastic management to keep scoring such plum deals. Not that she isn’t talented, but compared to her (still limited) experience, it’s amazing that she gets cast in projects with actors like Song Kang-ho.

They’ll display their melo acting chops as a fighter pilot (Rain) and mechanic (Shin). I’m not sure how convincing 20-year-old Shin is going to be, but I suppose it’s too early to write it off; she raised eyebrows when she was cast as a young assassin in Blue Salt, but some initial stills seem to indicate she has managed to shed her girl-next-door image.

Red Muffler, which is considering a title switch to Living in the Sky, boasts a 10 billion won production budget and includes a scene of Rain piloting his fighter plane in a bombardment of Pyongyang. Um, you sure that’s such a good idea, given recent tensions between North and South? Still, the film reportedly has the full support of the air force.

The film is in pre-production and has gained the cooperation of various military facilities and airfields. It will begin filming at the end of January.


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On the 6th, Rain’s fan said that she called Rain’s agent ‘J.Tune Entertainment’ and straightened it out. According to J.Tune Entertainment, “Rain’s appearance on movie ‘Red Muffler’ has not been confirmed.”

Source : DC http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=rain&no=283843&page=1&bbs=

Eng.trans.by rain bird.


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2 thoughts on “12.06.10 [Dramabeans] Rain’s New Blockbuster Co-Starring Shin Se-Kyung (NOT CONFIRMED)

  1. tjrachel 12/07/2010 at 8:37 am Reply

    I’m quite confused. I just read that Rain is going to do a Hollywood film before enlisting in the military in the latter part of 2011, and this “Red Muffler” has not been confirmed yet…which is which? Is Rain going to do 2 films?…1 in Korea & 1 in Hollywood? When is his real date of enlistment? At any rate, if Rain does “Red Muffler” he’s going to be a dashing fighter pilot. I’d like it if he would do this film.

  2. melz 12/09/2010 at 10:25 pm Reply

    same with @tjrachel, i’m confused bout Rain’s movie. I read news “Red Scarf” but other news said that Rain will appears on hollywood movie, even not decided yet which movie will he choose.

    I want Rain in “Red Scarf” bcause his role as a fighter pilot. But, his co-star, why Shin Se Kyung..??!
    I wondering, there’s a lot of talented actress in Korea & more experience too compared Shin Se Kyung. If the movie producer want young actress, minimal like Han Hyo Joo.

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