11.27.10 [EngTrans] Rain talking (2) @ 2010 Lotte Family Concert Nov 26

I wish Lotte tremendous success in everything you do.

As you know, I’ve been shooting a drama recently.

It’s very important to say the lines in a convincing way without mumbling in the drama.

To achieve this, I’ve put an awful lot of work into improving my pronunciation.

This drama has done a world of good for my development, and is quite interesting.

It’s only a few episodes before the drama is over, but please enjoy the drama until the end of it.

I’m going to have to sing my next song.

My pants are nearly falling off today of all days. (adjusting his pants)

(Audience : Take them off !)

Unlike when I put on my own show, when I’m asked to give a Lotte Family concert I think I often tell you what I’d like.

I feel like I tend to talk more at Lotte Family concert than when I have my own show.

Actually, you can find that I seldom have any conversation at my own concert.

So, I am very self-centered.

I tend to boss others around.

I guess only my fans have come to see this concert. (when a lot of people cheered loudly)

Are there any couples who have been in a relationship here?

Oh, there are quite a few people !

That woman who hates to see his boy friend raise his hand, is brought to my attention.

Anyway, as I’ve said before….

Santokki !


Do you like it that much?

Now, let me sing my next song.

You are so childish for your ages..

I’m sorry to inform you that the number of my age will be equal to that of eggs in a carton next year.

credit to DC // ratoka + kumonohi82@ youtube

Brief translation by rain bird.

vid source: ratoka@yt


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3 thoughts on “11.27.10 [EngTrans] Rain talking (2) @ 2010 Lotte Family Concert Nov 26

  1. pluie625 11/27/2010 at 9:36 pm Reply

    Thanks Jax!!! and to all the ones whoe sahred their clips and pics!!!

    There’s so much fancams and pics and I don’t know what to click first hahaha…

    thank you thank you!!! for sharing…for posting

  2. felisshi 11/28/2010 at 8:36 am Reply

    It’s funny how he compared his age next year with the number of eggs in a carton; as if that matters at all to the audience when the audiences’ age get additional year also like his’. Lol. Oh Rain, are you anxious?

  3. kongsao 12/03/2010 at 1:58 am Reply

    AHAHAH !!
    1 VID
    he sharing to all his aduiance of his FUGITIVE rain i have to give 2 cent on that KOREAN peoples if they really watching it !!
    i love how he LOl… saying his pant is falling o=it off and the aduiance shoutout saying take them off omo………..!! 😯
    they must very wanted to see what color rain undie like ahhaahaha ROFL …. 🙂

    rain u carking me again campare what I’m sorry to inform you that the number of my age will be equal to that of eggs in a carton next year~!!
    ahahahah can i though again but, for sure the answer is that rain never age a bitt u still childish to me ekek

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