11.20.10 [Pics] New Nikon Pics

Source: Nikon / Caps by ratoka


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9 thoughts on “11.20.10 [Pics] New Nikon Pics

  1. kongsao 11/20/2010 at 4:13 pm Reply

    Rain 😎
    u are so very handsome and SIMPLY GERGOUS!!
    love the killer smiler u got and u rain ofcurse what could rain sale ahahah that my man beyoung everything !!

  2. Ashley 11/20/2010 at 8:51 pm Reply

    ugh i just love him!! i can’t help it!!! and that smile -melts- srsly he could sell anything

  3. flower 11/20/2010 at 11:49 pm Reply

    He look so cute and sweet. Yes Rain will make you want to buy anything even if you do not need it. I love pics of him like this.

  4. tjrachel 11/21/2010 at 8:10 am Reply

    Love,love, the way Rain looks here…and am really interested in the cameras. Will take a look at the specs. Looking for a camera which will capture the image especially the colors perfectly.

  5. tjrachel 11/21/2010 at 10:48 pm Reply

    Taking a break. I’m wondering if my mood is being affected by having 2 sleepless nights. It’s Monday morning here and I’m gearing up for a demanding week with hardly no sleep the past two nights…changing my mind…wanted to see these cameras in Manila maybe a week or 2 weeks from now. Maybe spending Christmas there and buying myself this X’mas gift, but I think, I’m buying a Canon instead of a Nikon or any other camera.

  6. kongsao 11/21/2010 at 11:18 pm Reply

    hello dear are u ok sleeping at night ??
    well to tell u the ruth i am having a bad time sleeping at night too i don”t why it took me 1 ~2 to able goes to sleep anway, how how r u doing my dear firend i wanted to say that HAPPY THANKGIVING TO U !!
    also i am planing to sent rain s good gift sent it toward the end of the years and also christmeas just around the coner !!
    i planing ship him a gift and a 2 post card to rain he will be happy to know their is a clouds suporting and boss him so he won”t be alone with all the gift around

  7. Ashley 11/22/2010 at 2:02 am Reply

    @tjrachel I have a Nikon D40, and I love it. Most of the Nikon D series are the same, just with the 3000, 5000 and 7000 the LCD screen is moveable. Which I need cuz sometimes I can’t see what I’m shooting through the viewfinder, but I highly recommened the Nikon D series cameras. They are super user friendly and the colors are awesome once you learn the f-stop/shutter speeds. My friend and I both shoot for concerts and I almost never have to fix the colors when I’m editing.

  8. tjrachel 11/22/2010 at 2:48 am Reply

    I was finally able to sleep at 5am and since it’s Monday I have to be awake again! Can you beat that! I’m really trying hard to concentrate on what I need to do right now, but thanks anyway for the concern. I’ve been keeping a gift for Rain for actually the past 2 years, and I would want to give it to him too, but I’m always changing my mind.
    Thanks soooooo much for these tips. I really appreciate it. I’m a frustrated wannabe photographer. I’ve always wanted to take up photography as a hobby, but never had the time to do it. This Christmas I said to myself, I’m going to give myself this gift. Thanks, again.

  9. felisshi 11/23/2010 at 7:09 am Reply

    His smile is so contagious. He is such a joy and an inspiration to me. I always look at the thousands of pictures of Rain in my laptop and when on the road in my Ipod while listening to his music and somehow I always feel great after. I feel motivated and energized miraculously. He is like a very potent medicine for me. Sometimes I’d rather stay at home and watch his dramas or concerts or scan anything about him on youtube to make me feel happy. If I didn’t think about Rain in a day, that means I’m dead. Lol. That’s the truth.

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