11.15.10 [J.Tune Creative] ADIEU! 2010 With Rain

World Star RAIN’s big finish of the 2010 and Passionate Performance to announce New Year, 2011!
End-of-the-year Holiday Party nicely decorating with the fans at the Last Moment of 2010! ADIEU! 2010 with RAIN.

…Rain Captivated the minds of the world with Perfect Performance and Explosive Stage Presence,
Once again, to Welcome the Fans around the World on the Last Day of 2010,
And Opens the Prelude to the Spectacular Stage for the beginning in 2011 at Jam-sil Indoor Gymnasium!

The concerts at home and abroad over the past five years the best of the best performances of the stage captivated the minds of fans around the world know all of RAIN is expected to unfold in one place.

Please Do Not Miss this Opportunity which can be found his Real Aspects Directly on the Stage of Rain that could have not seen actually on the Dramas and Movies.

The Hit Song Set List in the configuration and texture in the meantime, always trying to show a new performance, Artist, RAIN’s Enthusiasm will be Shown in this Concert!

Source: J.Tune Creative Facebook


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2 thoughts on “11.15.10 [J.Tune Creative] ADIEU! 2010 With Rain

  1. kongsao 11/15/2010 at 8:35 pm Reply

    i very wish i can goes so bad not to mention it was his farwell LAST CONCERT OF 2010!!
    but for who give such envirious pursuit to his fand of a world star known by rain and more industry with outstanding perofrm ever miss out in life but, i could even see him LAST DAY ! i am very sad to myself that why it come so fast and why does it happen too the true is the true could not denied it either rain how i can FLY TO KOREAN!! and see u i know i am going to shredding my tearing yet excitement with same time too…
    my heart alreay down for you and i very very wanted to be their and give u one last HUG AND KISS GOODBYE!! i just wish i can trun the clock around for not happen so soon yet ahahah crazy uh??
    but yeah rain i do and do wanted to be their GOOD LUCK!! have fun with all your untied intertional fans ok!!
    excuse me when i am crying so sad i could be their T______T

  2. felisshi 11/20/2010 at 6:41 am Reply

    I can almost imagine what and how it would be like at the concert. I still wish I were there to witness it myself. Goodluck to Rain, and to all his Korean and Asian fans for that matter, please be sure to show your support to him and enjoy this New Year’s Eve madness. As they said, everything that he showed in his previous concerts all rolled into this one spectacular event. Please see it and enjoy. Welcome 2011, the next decade with Rain singing and dancing for you. I guess this will be a lifetime wish, an opportunity not to be passed.

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