11.10.10 [GMarket] Prized Possession of Stars Appearing In MAMA Are On Charity Auction

(MAMA : Mnet Asian Music Awards)

– Here are a few things that you need to be aware of –

-The auction price begins from 1000 KRW.

– Please note that you can not return the item after the purchase because this event is based on charity.

– If you acquire the item on the crook, you’ll be primarily responsible for this accident, if the auction price is extremely high as it exceeds 3 million KRW, we’ll call you, if your call number is uncertain, or If we can not reach you by telephone, your bid will be removed from the list.

– The payment for the item auctioned off to you should be finished by December 3rd (Fri) at 2:00pm.

– Entering for the event through dishonest means can be a big disadvantage for the next event.

– If the payment isn’t paid by the designated date, your bid will be canceled and we’ll be forced to give the chance to the next person.

– We’ll send an e-mail to each winning bid. (you are asked to access your information on GMarket)

– The object knocked down cannot be returned for refunds or cannot be canceled.

– All the items aren’t autographed except ‘SG Warner B’s member ‘Jin Ho’s novel.

– We’ll get stars’ autographs on each of a sheet A4 paper and send each paper to each winning bid with the object knocked down.

– Proceeds from this auction will go to the Korean Committee for UNICEF.

Source: http://item.gmarket.co.kr/challe … ode=197634988&o
Cap by ratoka
Brief translation by rain bird.


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One thought on “11.10.10 [GMarket] Prized Possession of Stars Appearing In MAMA Are On Charity Auction

  1. BlackAngieJYJ 11/11/2010 at 11:50 am Reply

    Share this Events for Rain
    his rank is not good
    Voting & Fighting for our Rain
    I have not much contact hope everybody tell this activity to the other.
    Thank you.

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