11.10.10 [Clip] Rain’s Message To All Examinees (With Eng Trans)

[Eng trans] Rain’s message to all the examinees before the College Scholastic Aptitude Test

The annual College Scholastic Aptitude Test (CSAT) will finally be taken upcoming November 18th.

Good luck for your exam, and I’ll support you, too.

I love all of you.

I really hope you do well.

Fighting! (keep your energies high!)

http://rain-cloud.co.kr/common/b … h_what=&keyword

Translation by rain bird.


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5 thoughts on “11.10.10 [Clip] Rain’s Message To All Examinees (With Eng Trans)

  1. lotus6000 11/10/2010 at 10:24 am Reply

    AWE That was so very sweet and thoughtful of him.

  2. BlackAngie 11/11/2010 at 12:06 am Reply

    It was really a great encouragement.

    Oh..Jihoon your face so smiling but i saw tried in your eyes…Please take care yourself. I hop you can sleep and rest enough and can eat well..

    Fighting !!!

  3. Donnmz 11/11/2010 at 7:08 am Reply

    Good luck! aja aja! i learn little a bit language of korean hehe

  4. tjrachel 11/11/2010 at 9:36 am Reply

    I would love to hear Ji-hoon thank the fans who brought him food in the set, and his fans who are not Koreans too, but who are likewise very supportive and concerned of his everything from his cases, to his finances, to his health and well-being, even to his down moments. I think, you could never find anyone like them.

  5. kongsao 11/11/2010 at 9:22 pm Reply

    this so very sweet of rain encouragemnt to all thoes suporter rain very have such a warm hearted person care and suport with all his give…
    and truly of rain imspire will alway love by many life and peoples coz he share the mening to other and yet care for the tyhoughfulness of his own human being is the devote from other will alway with you rain !!

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