11.04.10 [allkpop] Rain’s gambling controversy worsens as allegations of foreign currency laundering arise

**I do not support this kind of article and I am really disappointed that some of these news sites are really eating this up…but at the same time, as his fans, we need to know what is being said…the uglier this gets the more we need to support Rain!

Rain’s recent gambling controversy has taken a shocking turn, as more and more witnesses are surfacing to attest against the international star.

Sports Seoul was able to meet with “A”, an individual who was not only related to Rain’s concert activities, but also provided the star with some gambling funds. “A” was involved in Rain’s world tour concert activities in Las Vegas, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Japan, and Los Angeles.

According to “A”, Rain went to play baccarat at the Bellagio Hotel during his Las Vegas concert in December 2006, and again before his June 2007 Los Angeles concert. At the time, Rain visited the casino with both his company and concert representatives, as well as staff members. Reportedly, the star also went up to the VIP room.

“A” stated, “Between the end of 2006 and June 2007, Rain went to Las Vegas about three times. EvenAndrew Kim, the guy who brought up this issue, was with Rain during these times. The betting amount during 2006 initially was small. However, as time went by, large sums of money came and went.

Surprising accounts regarding the gambling funds have also been made. “A” revealed, “A representative who was in charge of managing the concert used at least $200,000 for funds. When the person ran out of money, they exchanged the money for $5,000 to $10,000 of chips at a time.

“A” explained, “At the time, Rain was trying to become independent from JYP. Entertainment companies who were trying to recruit Rain spent lavishly on him in order to work with him. It was nothing out of the ordinary for him to use those huge sums of money for his betting sums. Rain lightly took the money and spent it.

A representative who supervised Rain’s world tour, “B”, is currently under investigation for violations made against the “Foreign Exchange Control Act“. It has been exposed that “B” gave and received money that was undeclared and will be fined $10,000.

“A” stated, “Rain received his bacarrat funds mainly from “B”. In order to supply Rain with his gambling funds, “B”  illegally converted undeclared money into chips for him after getting money wired to him.”

“A’s” testimony is similar to that of Andrew Kim’s, who reported that Rain had a serious gambling problem and was indebted to him. Kim revealed in October, “The reason why Rain is not paying me back is because he does not think he borrowed money from me. Rain does not, ever, gamble with his own money.”

In short, “A” explained that Rain usually accepts and doesn’t pay back his gambling funds, because he feels as if the funds “were given to him rightfully.”

The legal ramifications of the controversy lies in the fact that according to a precedent established by the Supreme Court, it is considered a violation if instead of cash, illegally bought chips were used to gamble. Chips may be bought at the casinos, but they must be bought with declared money if the player is not a resident of the host nation.

According to the Supreme Court’s ruling back in 2004, “Using chips instead of cash in casinos is the same as loaning money.

A representative of the Korean Police Department’s section of Foreign Affairs stated, “It does not matter whose money was used for gambling. If there’s a witness from the gambling site, we can begin an investigation.

Through a phone call with Sports Seoul, a representative of Rain’s entertainment company, J Tune Entertainment stated, “We have nothing to say over the phone regarding gambling.

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul via Yahoo! Korea


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16 thoughts on “11.04.10 [allkpop] Rain’s gambling controversy worsens as allegations of foreign currency laundering arise

  1. kongsao 11/04/2010 at 10:58 am Reply

    u know what i am so *FU* swaer to this Mr. kim MENTIAL brain here i could belive their alway found some STUPID reason to put into nonsense fo this particular article and keep on bringthe most irtracting newsabout rain this so odd at the end of the years what now they brough something and more about LAS VESGAS pleaseeeeeeeee is that all u can GAMBLING INVOTED !!
    well what i am thinking maybe yourself are wrose then him sdo is that why all saying same thing and make some more words to prove rain is a person who HABBIT to GAMBLING !! please rain was not even one bit playing this gambling even though he he not that DUM !! to borrow your money and end rule his popluation and careere.
    btw… korean very make such a big think about ever thing about even though they don”t new the heck very happen serious i don”t wanted rain to staying in korean anymore it very and thoes fans don”t even much suporting him either
    WELL ALL AM SAYING NONE THIS IS NOT TRUE AND ONLY FAIT NOW THE ANSWER and i BELIVE IN RAIN i well suport him no matter what they say comon now u should know by now and STOP bring flame over this i very wanteed to kill to this guy NOW!! rrrgggg i am very disipointment of this article heck i mad ! 😡 and it sound even wiere tot his too this article are such a lime 😦

  2. flower 11/04/2010 at 11:43 am Reply

    I am a huge fan of Rains. I am going to continue to believe Rain is innocent until proven guility.

    First, what is declared and undeclared money?

    Second, how do they know that Rain knew the money used to purchase the chips were undeclared? Do they have proof that he knew this.

    Third, I thought JTune said yes Rain did gamble but wanted to know whats considered a large amount of money to gamble. Most rich people spend alot of money when they go to Vegas to gamble. That does not prove he has a gambling problem. That is just saying he has the money to spend.

    Fourth, person A said JYP was trying to recruit Rain and gave him large sums of money to recrut him. That Rain spent that money on gambling. Also, that Rain went to Las Vegas 3 times between the end of 2006 and June 2007. Going to Vegas 3 times is nothing. People with real gambling problems would have gone to Vegas alot more times than that to gamble. Also, JYP gave him the money he had ever right to spend it how he wanted to.

    Fifth, how does any of this prove that Rain has a gambling problem and that he borrowed money from Andrew Kim. Where is the proof. Beinging rich and gambling large sums of money at a time is not unusual. Rich people spend alot of money all the time. I have not read anything that says Andrew Kim has anything in writing. Wheres is the proof.

    To me unless I am missing something there does not seem to be any actual proof Rain knowly did anything wrong. It all seems like alot of talk, to me at this point. If Rain is guilty yes he should pay like anyone else. However, I am going to continue to believe he is innocent until proven guilty.

  3. triplegreen08 11/04/2010 at 12:48 pm Reply

    so far i have read nothing of concrete evidence about this, they are all “this person said this” and “that person said that”. words are the most powerful tool one can have, and who knows what kind of poison one can be cooking up with the kind of statements they make about someone. in cases like these, i can never make a straight out judgement about anything until the final verdict and evidence are out. i really hope that Rain will rise out of this as a clean, humble guy that i know and admire all these years. until the end of this, i believe and support him!!!

  4. BiAlamode 11/04/2010 at 12:56 pm Reply


    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Rich people play BIG and visit VIP rooms and get special treatment in Vegas that’s nothing new and three times playing Baccarat is nothing. If Rain had a true gambling problem, in my book, he would be so “strung out” on gambling that he would have practically “washed his career away.” He would not be able to even focus on doing concerts, tv dramas and Hollywood movies. He would be sitting in a casino for hours on end, MR. KIM!

    If Rain is guilty of anything, it’s being TOO TRUSTING and underestimating some of the people surrounding him and counting them as friendly associates who have his best interest, when some it would seem may not. This lawsuit “Stinks to High Heaven” and “smells” like a set up to me (**my opinion**). However, if he (Rain) is guilty then yes he should pay, but at this point I am going with my gut and my gut tells me that Rain is innocent but in his innocence he has allowed one too many individuals to be “too free” in his personal space, which has allowed Andrew Kim to be able to exploit the personal vendetta he seems to have against him.

    Rain baby, stay vigilent. Always remember, the race is not given to swift, but to the strong!

  5. Hnou 11/04/2010 at 2:27 pm Reply

    True or not, I will always support Rain. I’ll never lose respect for this Rain.

  6. lotus6000 11/04/2010 at 3:26 pm Reply

    I’m sorry all this crap is just ridicules first JiHoon’s a grown ass man and what he does or doesn’t do with his money is not anyone’s business and has I’ve said numerous times only GOD is perfect so just for the sake of argument none of this crap should matter one way or another if not for the fact JiHoon has haters! Let he without sin cast the first stone!!! I will always stand by this man come what may! And be damned with the rest! MUAH and LOVE SWEET FRIEND JIHOON

  7. flower 11/04/2010 at 3:27 pm Reply

    @Hnou I agree with you true or not, I too will always support Rain. I too will not loose respect for him. To me what he is being accused of doing is not something as a fan would make me stop loving him. This has nothing to do with him being an awsome entertainer. It has nothing to do with how awsome he sings, dances, and acts. It has nothing to do with the kind and caring personality he shows towards his fans. The things he has been accused of will not change my mind about being his true fan.

  8. kongsao 11/04/2010 at 5:36 pm Reply

    @flower & Hnou
    i differenly agree with u true or not we know for the fact rain is innocent all his life rain is very bussy person and very hardworker and i i been know rain long enought and i have no or see such kind of article and they did have any proof to prevent to all it came to a talk periods. and one more just coz this article come like this i never I’ll never lose respect for this Rainand more is rain heart goes with FAIT and we all know it and me i alway stand with no matter
    i could belive peoples just wanted to bring him down but u know it happen his fans would not let this happen so we !! rain we will be with you and only fait now it true !!

  9. BlackAngie 11/05/2010 at 12:07 am Reply

    @ everybody in there
    i don’t know what’s happen and don’t know what’s fake or true. But however, wherever Rain walk & Go, whatever Rain do & be. I will Support & Believe in him FOREVER..and i’m sure you too…

  10. felisshi 11/05/2010 at 5:23 am Reply

    I will have to agree with BiAlamode on this one.

    Could it be that they’re making Rain as a scapegoat? If it’s true that Rain did gamble, why should they continue to supply him with chips to gamble away. Could it be a set up for such circumstances that they could blame him for in the long run? And Rain, being the star of the show and the VIP should be given a preferential treatment and they must continue to “make him happy” for as long as he wants to play. And continue they did until his next two Vegas visits. What it looks here is they were like baiting Rain for him to gamble their money so they could blame him for something in the end. But this doesn’t definitely prove that Rain has gambling problems. This is more like a past time to me. For fun and entertainment.

  11. tjrachel 11/05/2010 at 9:22 am Reply

    I wanted to rest after such a stressful week,and have a quite weekend. I also wanted to ask Rain a question. I guess, the question can wait for now.

    How are you, Ji-hoon? I hope you are okay.

    Can’t really comment now, but read these developments. These people are really something. They are so wicked.

    Be strong,Ji-hoon. See you tomorrow.

  12. flower 11/05/2010 at 5:05 pm Reply

    @Lotus6000 I agree with you that no one is perfect only GOD is. That is why I have said that even if what he is being accused of doing is true. Even though there has not been any actual proof stated thus far. Somethig like this is not going to make me stop being Rain true fan. This does not make him some kind of monster. So therefor I will continue to love and support him.

  13. tjrachel 11/06/2010 at 9:58 am Reply

    I was too tired last night to really read this, but after reading this again now, all I can do from my seat in front of my computer is to *sigh* at the absurdity of these people. They couldn’t get Rain with all the suits that they have filed against him because obviously he is not guilty, they have to invent another thing. They couldn’t make him look bad enough even with the allegations of a serious gambling problem, unrepaid debt, and trying to evade military service. They have to add money laundering to it! When will these people stop? Well, the bad news for these guys are whatever is written in print, Rain could use as evidence against them, and not everyone is believing them. You don’t need to have a law degree to see malicious intent in all of these. But what kind of a person will go to the extent of trying to ruin someone for “only a supposed debt” is beyond my comprehension.
    To Ji-hoon: Take care of yourself. Be strong. You have quality fans who care about you and believe in you. Get the best lawyer to really nail them too!

  14. tjrachel 11/07/2010 at 1:07 pm Reply

    This is kind of late. I was watching Fugitive…catching up on what I’ve missed, and tomorrow or is it already Monday I’ll really be busy.

    I don’t know if this would help, but I just wanted to tell Rain that since these people are still publishing all sorts of things, maybe he can consult his lawyer on the possibility of the court issuing a “gag order.”

    Ji-hoon, hope you’re okay. Take care of yourself. You look thin lately. We believe in you, and I hope this will be resolved.

  15. Awakening 11/13/2010 at 9:43 am Reply

    “Rain does not, ever, gamble with his own money”.

    No matter how, why or from where the money came to him, it was somebody’s or some company’s hard earned money. Rain losing a huge sum of money is just a game that would never hurt him. To me, this is pure greed and being irresponsible.

    All you mid-aged women who took him in as their sons, think again, you are spoiling him by defending by saying it was somebody’s fault for giving him the money. It’s like saying even when he was found guilty of rape, you said ‘he is a male, what do you think!? Superstars have sexual demands too! She should count herself very lucky being rape by our beautiful son and superstar Rain’. Maybe one day, someone will expose the truth about his buying sex from prostitutes inside those hotels’ walls, i am sure you will still gather together here to defend him. Oh well, mother’s love knows no boundary!!!

  16. Devin Truax 03/27/2013 at 1:04 pm Reply

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