11.01.10 [Cloud Notice] Please provide opinions on the recruitment on Cloud 8th

Please visit Notice section

http://www.rain-cloud.co.kr/comm … ;ref=3109&page=

HI , this is Cloud7th Board

Fugitive Plan B got good comment after broadcasting, also Asia Song Festival was successfully ended. Thus, we would like to have your opinions about the recruitment of Fanclub Cloud8th.

Committee is planning to begin recruitment Round 1 Cloud8th from mid-November to mid-December after this opened comment period.

Then, from mid-Dec to late December, new Cloud8th Board will be managed the membership. On Jan 1st, 2011, Round 2 recruitment will begin, duration is about 2~3 weeks.

After that, Cloud8th activity will begin

(Above is only the estimated schedule, subject to be changed according to artist’s other event schedule etc.)

* If concert will be held on late December, Fanclub ticket will be given to Round 1 Cloud members only

* Or, Cloud7th members +Round 1 Cloud8th members. In fact, this issue is still under discussion.

Also, issues about membership fee and souvenirs, we really need everybody’s opinions.

Free membership has been requested by some Cloud members in before. Although, it is impossible for us to provide Free Membership, we are trying our best to make it happens though. Therefore, we tried to reduce cost of the goods in order to eliminate the Fanclub membership fee.

Actually, Free Membership is an ideal.  Even Cloud official website, we have to pay server maintenance fee, it is difficult for Fanclub to provide Free Membership.  Thus, we have the following proposal.

Membership Fees:

Korea domestic members will charge 10,000 won~15,000 won/ Overseas members will charge 30,000won~40,000won (Since overseas shipping cost and remittance expense, overseas membership is higher than domestic one).

Membership Benefit:

FanMeeting may attend once (FanMeeting fee will be determined for number of participants)

Priority admission as usual regulations on public broadcasting & other events

FanClub Card will be distributed

If any other comments on one of above 2 options, please leave message below

Below is disadvantage and advantage per the comparsion between an original Fanclub recruitment regulations and new one.

-Overview event duration during army service period

Perhaps it is too early to discuss this issue, however, many people have been inquired it. Here is our illustration.

I believe we all know that artists probably will join army next year. Similar age as Mr, Lee Jun Ki and Mr. Kim Nan Ji are also still shooting movie or TV series in the case of recruitment, which everyone can understand that it is difficult to predict the enlistment date accurately.

Therefore, artist is most probability has to join army during Fanclub event duration.

In this case, we would like to illustrate that refund request of Fanclub membership fees is not an acceptable reason.

Hope everyone may leave message about what is the purpose of having Fanclub or any other expectation.

Although we know that many Cloud prefer quietly waiting for (do not shout) the answer, but we cannot exchange ideas if we do not provide feedback. So please be sure to pay attention to this notice, the new Fanclub recruiting method will be based on your recommendations.

Although not too much time from now to mid-November, we will fully listen to their comments.

Hopefully, at least 100 or more comments will be received.  We can have more confident to run Fanclub with your opinions, short or long comments are not fine. Also, please feel free to leave message below if you have any other opinions, so that we can discuss together.

Thank you.

-Eng translated by Cuckoo

SOURCE http://www.rain-cloud.co.kr/comm … _what=&keyword=



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