10.28.10 [Osen] Rain brought an action of libel against promoter A and reporters, lodging a complaint with the Southern District Public Prosecutor’s Court in Seoul last 27th.

Last 27th after a published report on his alleged involvement in a gambling debt, while lodging a complaint with the Southern District Public Prosecutor’s Court in Seoul, singer Rain brought an action of libel against promoter A (Andrew Kim) and 6 reporters from one media firm (Sports Seoul) who have made the claims.

During a phone call with Osen News on the 28th, attorney ‘Lee Deok Min’, Rain’s legal representative, expressed, “We’ve filed a complaint with the court on suspicion of their having violated the information communication usage promotion and information protection law.” and “Separately, we’ll also bring civil action against them.”

The attorney explained the thinking behind the lawsuit, “During a litigation, in many cases, litigants want to select the region of the world closest to where they live, so the region is often determined beforehand in case of finding out who is responsible when in trouble in the future before a big contract is signed.”

“The contract related to Rain’s World Tour concert in LA has clearly specified ‘Korean Commercial Arbitration Board’-sponsored procedures should be prioritized before lawsuit, and the U.S.court has ordered the case to be transported to ‘Korean Commercial Arbitration Board’. So we regard A’s bringing Rain to trial even in the U.S. with claiming highly sensitive issues such as gambling, military service, etc. as a malicious intent.”

Even if such complaint based on Civil litigation often contains a one-sided claim, this case has been reported through the media first even before Rain has found out it has been filed with the US police.” “However the media reports it, there are sure to be problems to do it without any censorship.”

Meanwhile, by quotation from A’s remarks, a newspaper reported last 18th that Rain is in gambling debt to the extent of $150,000 to settle with A, adding that there have been speculations that Rain has consulted a counsellor to get the green card in order to be exempted from military service.

But, Rain’s side immediately set out its official position on the issue, strenuously denying the claims, “The person making such claims has repeatedly sued Rain for the cancelation of his World Tour concert, Rain has had no transaction with the person, and Rain has just found out about Walking Visa. Rain’ll charge the person and the newspaper with defamation.”

credit to Osen http://news.nate.com/view/20101028n11937?mid=e0101

Brief translation by rain bird.


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3 thoughts on “10.28.10 [Osen] Rain brought an action of libel against promoter A and reporters, lodging a complaint with the Southern District Public Prosecutor’s Court in Seoul last 27th.

  1. tangerinesugar 10/28/2010 at 11:44 am Reply

    Andrew Kim filled the complaint in the US knowing that Rain Oppa is based in Korea in hopes that Rain would fail to attend the hearings.hahaha very old tactic, 3 times you fail to attend the hearing and the case is awarded to the attending/complainant.Good judgement call on the US court to transfer the case to Korea which i think is equal ground for both complainant and dependant. If and ever Rain has a gambling problem, which i think is very unlikely the real problem in this situation. Adrew Kim and the rest of the reporters exploited such rumors for thier own personal gain, hence the fruit of the poisonous tree come to effect. the poisonous tree only bares poisonous fruit.
    things people do for personal gain, what a lonely world they live in.

  2. lotus6000 10/28/2010 at 10:20 pm Reply

    GREAT!!!! GET HIM BABY!!!!!

  3. felisshi 10/31/2010 at 8:37 am Reply

    It’s time to kick some butts.

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