10.18.10 [allkpop] J.Tune Entertainment’s official response to Rain’s lawsuit

Rain has been hit with an untimely lawsuit while busy with TV drama “Fugitive Plan B“, accusations of military dodging and gambling habits are now all the talk surrounding this famous world star.

Although J.Tune Entertainment had few words in response, they have come out with an official statement regarding the lawsuit.

Rain’s agency stated, “Andrew Kim is an assiduous man who has filed a lawsuit since 2007 against Rain and was engaged in litigation against Rain’s 2007 LA World Tour cancellation. Since the case has been disadvantageous to him, he is now resorting to these malicious allegations.”

The agency added, “We are currently looking into ways to end this false claim and will counter sue for damages.”

source: Nate
credit: allkpop


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5 thoughts on “10.18.10 [allkpop] J.Tune Entertainment’s official response to Rain’s lawsuit

  1. tjrachel 10/18/2010 at 10:06 am Reply

    After more than a week of being absent from the site, I see this, and I’ve been wondering if Rain has an enemy or something in Korea? I’ve noticed that when Rain sets foot in Korea after a successful project, or something like winning that MTV Award and this after his Fugitive shoot, something happens or IS IT THE MONEY AGAIN?

    At its best Andrew Kim’s allegations as I’ve seen it in Allkpop is a one-sided affair meant really to defame and discredit Rain. It’s really character assassination.

    I suggest Jtune responds more than this in behalf of Rain. Don’t go into the finer definitions of what is meant by gambling. Point by Point respond to Andrew Kim’s allegations because it is Rain’s reputation you are protecting. File a counter-suit for DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER!


  2. felisshi 10/18/2010 at 4:09 pm Reply

    Very well said. I couldn’t express it any better myself.

    Rain ditching the military? I doubt that Rain had any intentions of doing it. He knows that unless one is physically exempted from joining in could he ever ditched the service. Any male Korean citizen is liable to join the military at a certain age and one would be so proud to do that. It has been instilled in their minds once they were born that they have to go through this military ordeal. And I think Rain is no exemption and he is fully aware and is prepared for that like his father before him.
    False allegations against anyone is so demoralizing. Any one who does this to anybody is doing it out of spite and enviousness. I hope the malicious intent will backfire to this person. I hope Rain will recover from this scandal and I know he will not take this lying down because these are lies and they’re doing this because Rain has just finished his concerts and drama. I speak for myself and the rest of his fans around the globe that he is innocent and we believe in him. We love you Rain. We believe in you.

  3. kongsao 10/18/2010 at 11:54 pm Reply

    exzactly !!
    i felling you and we all know rain who he is just righ the time he filming his FUGITIVE their another error which i called fishy here and no edvident about so what going on and what that got to do about rain miliatriy service it a matter age he have to served his country this mr. kim are
    found a NONSENT way to back fore on rain and rain himself all so bussy filming and also rain have saif on the presscon he well goes to MS no matter what!! and talking about gambling it making crap about this rain toally an inncent person and yet he just finish and suceed his work and concert and noe drama then BAAM another lawsuit again rain again oh my this never end and i am speakout for the intertional that rain is truly incoent periods u must know rain by now and sis he won the case i hope Jtune well get this Mr Kim smah him down like bug coz i am sickness about this over and over the same old man !!

  4. yukino 10/19/2010 at 11:54 pm Reply


  5. tjrachel 10/20/2010 at 8:23 am Reply

    thanks guys for agreeing.

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