09.21.10 [dkpopnews] Filipino netizens mad over variety show’s joke about Rain’s appearance

Filipino KPop fans were enraged against GMA Network’s variety show Party Pilipinas last September 19, Sunday, after the hosts claim that Korean idol Rain will appear on the show. The viewers, however, were dismayed to see that instead of an actual Rain (who held a concert in Manila a week prior), singer Mark Bautista appeared on stage while being doused by raining water. A caption then appeared, “Sabi sa inyo may Rain eh (We told you there’s going to be Rain).”

Although it was supposed to be a show of humor, not everybody got the memo as Pinoy netizens reacted violently on Twitter and Facebook. Comments include:

“Walang budget ang Party Pilipinas for Rain. Damn! Pathetic! Buti pa ASAP XV Flo Rida na-guest nila. Winner!” (Party Pilipinas does not have the budget to bring Rain, unlike (rival variety show) ASAP XV that brought Flo Rida as guest.)

“WTF! I didn’t like what Party Pilipinas did about the RAIN thing! It’s like they’re DESPERATE TO GET HIGH RATINGS! I’m upset!!!”

“Masyadong maraming pakulo ang Party Pilipinas na yan kasi they have nothing much to offer.” (That Party Pilipinas has so many gimmicks because they have nothing much to offer.)


“Kainis! Ia-announce ko na pa naman sana sa mga Asian friends ko. Buti na lang hahaha di ko tinuloy.” (I’m pissed! I was supposed to announce it to my Asian friends. Good thing I didn’t do it hahaha.)

The joke is reminiscent of the lengths of some variety shows in the past did to lure viewers. One show claimed that they were “Live in Hong Kong,” only to show their hosts speaking their lines in front of a chroma screen with images of Hong Kong being displayed on the background.

Source: BubblyMD on YouTube, comments via Pinoy Exchange, written by empressmaruja@omonatheydidnt

Credit : dkpopnews


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12 thoughts on “09.21.10 [dkpopnews] Filipino netizens mad over variety show’s joke about Rain’s appearance

  1. debbie 09/21/2010 at 10:31 am Reply

    yeah, it was sick…Florida was at the rival show at that same time so they used Rain to lure audiences to switch channel…this is what i call DESPERATION to earn ratings. It is unfair to Rain…

  2. Melis 09/21/2010 at 11:18 am Reply

    Did he and his people say he would be there, if not that they were mad for no reason. Unless it’s confirmed don’t believe things that’s desperate fans.

  3. melaniecloud030289 09/21/2010 at 11:24 am Reply

    @debbie Yes I totally agree with you!!!! For me it was not a joke,it was desperation and being disrespectful to Rain and for the people who really expected for Rain to come out on the show. People were really dismayed with the TRICK that Party Pilipinas made last Sunday!!!! Hello! This is not a joke it’s called THE ART OF FOOLING PEOPLE just to have “A FEW SECOND SHOT IN THE LIMELIGHT”….

  4. laizajunne 09/21/2010 at 1:30 pm Reply

    i know right…
    Party Pilipinas is a really cheap variety show here in the Philippines…
    They are forever loser compare to their rival show ASAP XV…
    How can they do such a stupid thing..??
    Using OUR RAIN to increase viewers..??
    I knew it from the start that GMA – the station where Party Pilipinas come from – really has a greed when it comes to tv ratings…
    I so hate GMA..!!!!they are BIG copy-cats…!!!

  5. kongsao 09/21/2010 at 5:08 pm Reply

    i second that too as well
    u know they very have rain in far out comuncation they about him then start saying rain It’s like they’re DESPERATE TO GET HIGH RATINGS~~~I TOTALLY AGREED !! it hurt most of rain fan here esp who know what exazctly rain are man they are using rain periods did rain ever say a words to be part of the party in phili show did rain ever say or confrim anything out from his own MOUTH please…………………!! give me a break well let me tell them rain aren”t their for they slave and do what ever they expect rain to be HELLO!!

    IS THAT WHY HE FELL UNCOMFORABLE ABOUT THE MEDIA their is that why their so many fan must understand rain as matter fact rain is not like phlili peoples think he was if he uneasy u should respect that rain is ONLY their for his hetci fliming for the conert i am sooooooooooooooooooo disipioment about P.O5 TV5 THEY DID TELL THE TURE ABOUT RAIN ATTENDEEES is was 30, 000 they is was 15,000 thousnad their top rain have an interiew woth Dj mo
    I guess if that djmo guy can be turned to Rain’s favor then anything is possible! I still want to kick though LOL Trash talking Rain and then acting all nicey nice. pffthow could be 2 face in front of rain then again talk trash behind his back like unknow star of his life u such a puked person and i could belive u say thing about to your tweet the very rude of u i just slap the crap out u U HERE ME !! on the u interiew u acting so nice in front him after he trun away your trun your arrogant face strike on him the F*U* with u rrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg if i where their i slap u to hell of u … 😦
    top this they say rain go snob
    u know what rain not going like phili matter he their or not he is not like what they think rain are i am not happy with for the past serveal day rain in their country i unsterstand alot fans & clouds wanted to suport rain and see him but come across media and inter repoter plus the show and concert it toally nothing but to get their show rating and attention lie on about making run of him and then rumore about his arroang star this all sucK a DESPERATE and miscomuncation i fell so sad for for beeing in their country and the ouitcome from him is totally NOT TRUE !!
    AND I KNOW RAIN NOT GOING TO BE LIKE THIS PERIODS SO MY CONCERN IS IS ??? RAIN EVER WALK INTO THEIR COUNTRY AGAIN AFTER ALL this happen !! give rain a break the way u dance and make fun of u phili peoples can even dance like him and acknoweldge as rain are pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  6. HEH 09/22/2010 at 6:56 am Reply

    Poor Filipino Media … still they are continuing this 😛
    What a shame. X_X
    We’re not forgotten how the Intensity Concert became a reality!!

  7. felisshi 09/22/2010 at 9:23 am Reply

    I know Mark Bautista is a dead ringer for Rain but I didn’t know that they could fool the Filipinos just to get a few lousy ratings. Besides if the Rain fans bought this, then they didn’t know that Rain left for Korea on the 15th and there’s a 0000.0% chance of Rain showing up again in Manila just to guest in that show on that day. Also, Rain’s TV drama will be shown on TV5 and not on GMA7. See, this is why we do not subscribe GMA7 here in LA. They’re a bunch of corny people and they have a dry sense of humor. I’d rather subscribe to KBS world than to spend money on a worthless TV station. You’d be surprised what they show at KBS: dramas and documentaries with English subtitles, TV varieties also w/ subs. The only programs unsubbed are the hourly news but at 5:00 pm they have the English World news version. The MNet program is not subbed but who cares, you don’t need it just to see them sing and dance.

  8. Pau 09/22/2010 at 9:37 pm Reply

    Kongsao… I’m sorry, but please go easy on your words. You weren’t here in Manila and you’re only basing everything on media reports and fan accounts which are not always 100% accurate.

    I kind of did not understand your paragraph about Mo Twister. I don’t understand because Mo has nothing but good words about Rain (shocking, but true). He has been consistent about that. Unless you’re talking about someone else (the two-faced part)?

    — I know he would still want to go to the Philippines for vacations. He loves it here. For a concert… there’s another side of the question and that is, is if a Filipino promoter would still be interested. 😐

    On Topic: I was one of those who tuned in, not because I thought Rain is showing up (I saw him leave the country, so I know he’s not here anymore) but because I want to see how they are going to pull off the Rain number. I find the joke to be pretty bad, not because they fooled people but because it’s simply very corny. I find it funny how people go at great lengths being angry at Party Pilipinas just for an obvious joke. If I am a fan, I would be happy because that only means Rain has enough star value in this country for his name to be used to gain ratings. 🙂

  9. kongsao 09/22/2010 at 11:49 pm Reply

    i did mean to get u upset on a this topic
    but i have to say what i see and i heard yes i am talking about the TWO FACE u mention and u should know who am point at!!
    i know u r an loyal to rain but let me ask u something if rain their was alot miscomnucation alot in the phili sent day first top this i have no clues what is going on with the scheduel their with the phili rumor and date about rain at the party ect… to be is and i DON”T CARE !! what happen their all i know it to much a tired man to do anything as they wanted him to be u told me this a joke what about the party P.O.5 tv honest i don”t even trus them i feel like like they using rain to get their show rating !! and then they have a miss up scheduel which i don”t who give that schedul or get from totally wrong about rain too U KNOW WHAT I tired TALKING ABOUT IT THIS i don”t anted hear anything and more ok!! THE THE END!!

  10. Pau 09/23/2010 at 1:11 am Reply

    All I can say is, the situation here was very complicated (it goes beyond a simple miscommunication issue) so to be putting the blame just on one side of the coin is quite unfair. Both sides have their mistakes. I’m sorry that I touched on a very sensitive topic to some. It’s just that, being someone who was there to witness everything, I sort of understood both sides. I love Rain, but I have come to accept that even he makes mistakes, too. He’s only human.

  11. pluie625 09/23/2010 at 12:05 pm Reply

    I have to agree wiith Pau about Mo Twister. As I’ve said on the previous interview post of Mo with Rain (the longer version), He is well known as a “celebrity basher” and I was surprised to hear good words from him about Rain. I was really worried what would come out of his mouth the moment he talked with Rain, what will his comments and how bad it will be after he interviewed Rain…But to my surprise….He have nothing but praises to Rain and defending Rain on not showing up in the presscon.

  12. hollys 09/23/2010 at 11:42 pm Reply

    What was that!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what a bad jokeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
    but rally bad!! and later they actually sing sorry sorry for suju!!!!!!!!!
    what wrong with u!!!!
    they were actually made fun of the poor people who actually believe it!”””!!
    that was soo sad!!!!!! and shock!!!!!!
    very horrible!!! and a totally BAD JOKE!

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