2 thoughts on “09.11.10 [Sixtofive1982 Fan Acct] Intensity Concert in Manila

  1. pluie625 09/18/2010 at 12:44 pm Reply

    wow! I’m having goosebumps while reading your fan account CJ…This is what a Rain fan wants to read…. I’m so proud of Rain for performing his all despite his busy and super hectic schedule…And at the same time my heart goes to Ji Hoon, the person, the human, not Rain the performer/actor for withstanding all the hardships, the loneliness from being away from home for long, the fatigue from working so hard…yet still being misunderstood…..plus withstanding the weather, I know how humid in the Philippines was that you’re sweating right after taking a bath…

    thank you for sharing… 🙂

  2. felisshi 09/20/2010 at 2:34 am Reply

    I’ve been waiting for the continuation of your fan experience, and I’m really glad I read your story, which actually made me think I was right there next to you watching the concert. It is so detailed and expressive. I can’t thank you enough dear friend. And you were right, we thought the same when I heard Rain said his speech in hanggul than English . I thought he was too tired to be thinking of words to say in English, so he just talked to the audience in his Korean language. Thank God the audience did not boo him for that. And my my ! ! !, the sweat pouring down his face, I pity the poor guy. He must really be exhausted after that less than an hour performance he did. Besides, he’s not used to humid conditions like that. He should be lucky if he was not hospitalized of dehydration for that exhaustive performance he did. Anyway, everybody was happy after watching him. Even my nieces who were Rain first timers were satisfied and still reeling up to now after having seen the concert. They went home happy and in love. hahaha ! ! !

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