09.15.10 [EDaily] Rain Arrived in Seoul On Sept 15th

Singer and actor Rain was back home in Korea on the 15th after finishing shooting “The Fugitive Plan B” in foreign countries.

He entered the country after more than 2 months after having completed shooting the drama in Asian countries such as Macau, Japan, China, the Phillippies, etc. since last June.

According to his agent on the 15th, including Rain, the cast for the movie arrived in Seoul on Sep.15th, at around 6:00am landing at Incheon International Airport.

credit to Edaily // JES news
Brief transaltion by rain bird


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7 thoughts on “09.15.10 [EDaily] Rain Arrived in Seoul On Sept 15th

  1. felisshi 09/15/2010 at 6:55 am Reply

    I feel sad for the endless number of fans who are going to miss Rain, who captivated them with his performance last Saturday in Manila and I’m sure they were kept hanging by the limited number of songs he did during the said concert. And yet I feel glad too that he is finally done with his shooting and I hope that he finds his loved ones well, his house well kept and free from any pending legal issues. He will finally be able to taste his favorite home cooked meals and enjoy the Chuseok (?) holidays with his family and friends along with his fellow Korean actors who were away on location for their drama series. Maybe by this time, Rain is already on the freeway going home. Finally, home sweet home. . .

  2. babyrain2504 09/15/2010 at 9:03 am Reply

    I know this is weird to say, but I am happy and much more relieved that he is finally home (although I would be very pleased if he comes back to shoot near my home again and this may also be his first and final concert here). I don’t know if it’s just me but I just feel that his visit here in the Philippines is very different from his visit in other countries. I’m not sure but I didn’t feel that much warmth (not saying that there’s NO WARMTH at all), but I did not have the same kind of warm feeling when I read and watch fan accounts from other countries. I’m not certain if there’s something that rain did or something that he did not do that some Filipinos, find him snob, (diva*? primadonna*?) and believe it or not… someone (media person) pronounced him as “unprofessional” (according to agent p’s blog). I’m quite disappointed that Filipinos are the only ones who saw Rain that way. Chinese, Japanese, Indonesians, Americans, Europeans, their fan accounts and impression said the same things about him when he visited their countries — very proper (polite), cooperative, humble, hard working, disciplined. So far from what my countrymen says about him. I had high hopes and expectations that Filipinos would be in favor of Rain, but it seems to me that the only ones who thought so were those loyal fans who knew him well. Really, of all the foreign artists who visited the Philippines, I thought they would be pleased with him the most. I’m not quite sure why it didn’t turn out that way because, as far as I’m concerned, Rain was not snob or rude AT ALL. My mother saw him. He was all smiles and he waved a lot to fans that my mom actually thought he was having a motorcade to promote his drama. I hope (REALLY hope*) that if he ever comes back to the Philippines, it will be much different. I don’t wanna hear false accusations and unfair judgments about him anymore. Next time, it would be warmer, happier.

    So sorry to spill the beans in here, but I just feel so bad that of all countries, Philippines is the only one that’s so different.

    To Ji Hoon, for giving us Filipino fans an incredibly enjoyable time during the concert. THANK YOU! I understand that you are very human, very much like us. You get grumpy, upset, EXHAUSTED at times, but that doesn’t make you NOT Ji Hoon anymore. Forgive us Filipino fans and I also pray, that if ever you come here again, you will be much happier, healthier, and not as moody and grumpy as you are when you were still here. Please come back again^.^ I love you!

  3. pluie625 09/15/2010 at 12:14 pm Reply

    @babyrain2504… I feeling you right now… I was disappointed and sad when i read news about him being a snob and all but like you said, he’s human too he can be tired, exhausted, grumpy, upset like the rest of us….and we still love him…

  4. Amber Rain 09/15/2010 at 12:36 pm Reply

    @babyrain2504 – i share the same sentiments. Thanks for voicing out. People sometimes forget that Rain is human. He had been working non-stop since June with Love Zepp Tour in Japan then filming everywhere and having a concert in the Phils. while filming. He is not a robot. I would have just quit but knowing him, he wouldn’t. I really felt so bad for him. He had been doing his best for his fans and bcuz he didn’t wave or smile at people, they immediately accused him as a snob. If he had a choice to shoot his scenes or stay in his room, he would have probably chose the latter.

    You could tell how tired he’s been. When you’re as exhausted as he is and there were people in your face constantly, how would you feel? And add the language barrier on top of that… So please, put yourself in his shoes. Here’s the thing, when people are tired from a hard days work and come home to ur roudy & loud kids, don’t you get irritated and sometimes yell at your own kids? What more in Ji-Hoon’s case? Did anybody hear him yell or complain about being tired? Give the poor guy a break. Glad he is back home to where he will be most comfortable in.

    So, pls stop condemning him. He already has a lot of things in his mind (personal things) and still have to try to please everybody. I am surprised that he hasn’t passed out yet.

    Ji-Hoon, we will be always be praying for your safety and your good health. Thanks for giving us your best at all times. We truly love you. =)

  5. pluie625 09/15/2010 at 1:13 pm Reply

    @ Amber…. AMEN to that

    I’ve read from soompi…courtesy of pau…here’s why Rain is moody that day…the man was really exhausted…

    “he was filming until 2:00am yesterday, then he left the hotel at 4:30am to go to Batangas (a province 2.5 hours away from Manila) to film some diving scenes. Then he was back again in Manila at around 4:00pm to film some more. Around 7-ish, he took a break from filming to attend the send-off party. After that, he just changed costumes and out he went again to film the scenes at Macapagal Avenue. Then, it’s straight to the airport. And that’s just for the past two days. His schedule was pretty much the same all throughout except on September 6, his only day off.”

    and that only day off that he had to rest (on the day of the presscon) made him a snob…and on the last day, despite his hectic schedule, he was still the first to be there in time for the send-off party…and so I’m guessing that’s why he was grumpy as they said…I guess the guy doesn’t have the right to be pissed off just so to please everybody…and what’s not good? even his fans are condemning him and complaining about him instead of giving him full support and understanding him….I feel so bad for him

    Let’s be more understanding shall we?

  6. kongsao 09/15/2010 at 9:56 pm Reply

    @amber @babyrain2504
    i very feeling of all your heart i so glad tht u truly see the postive side of rain and what you see and what come out from your own eye to me what i know u are licky to see rain filming in your hometown above this u even went to his concert amd meet u and mother see the postive of rain human being is periods of time while rain shooting all his phili film their …
    yes i am fell sad among what happen their at FIRST!!!
    I though the outcome of phili very love rain and glady happinese to meet him personal face … to face but unfortunaly new come across from fan say rain did smile first walk out the airport of phili and then say he snob from his presscon. and they rumore about rain having a party ect…. which he ONLY follow his hectic shceduel abording the line of what rain supost to be at peroids. then what happen they miscomuncation with him and think rain arrgoant persom top this
    yes this so very different then other country he have visit and concerting i myself was very happy that so many of u wanted to see rain and esp the CONCERT that u guy r to dying to see rain it been quite a long time rain have not visit in phili about time he their but think was been smooth and for him either and i truly understand when a person get tired and don”t wnated to smile at u then it VERY NORMAL rain is just like other and everybody he is actually an ordnairy person.
    just just that they seeme to caomplian about alot thing that they wantee rain in their way whiches he could do so… he their ONLY for filming FUGITIVE i feel so bad for rain this very unexpected world for rain as in the phili but he still did not complain what happen behind him and what fans and reporter and media make rain look selfish and all that rain is uneasy person as well..
    now!! that this is over rain is back to korean he might have thoes though in his mind but ofcurse he not going to bring all this sulition their to media for what?
    i just hope he relaxing and took a little break from his filming he been workds so much for the about 4 month periods well i hope thos phili fans well keep rain in their heart and thank him for beeing their for the concert and how much he meet the fans even though it wasn”t the best but, he did have fans who their for rain that for sure i just hope next time rain come their again they should give rain more praide and space for the guy to relax and not goes up on ands seek into him i just hope that they more undertsnadable for who rain is.. LIKE U SAY AMBER their alway a LOYAL FANS who know rain pretty well that why he very have alot confident when ever he visit their country wildes
    rain i know it hard for u who giving all his best 110% for his nonestop work and what he recived is just not the place to be at the monment time i just hope he can rest well good and he still have firend and family for his holiday and celebarting togerther and enjoy his own spirit of time ..

  7. RainNina 10/07/2010 at 8:37 pm Reply

    I agree to all of you. I share same sentiments. All of us who knows him is very thankful that he went here and had his concert and got the chance to see him. We will continue to support you rain no matter what! We love you and We are glad that your home now. Enjoy and Relax for a while. We will wait for your next visit in our country!

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