09.11.10 [PhilStar]Weather forecast: Heavy Rain in Manila

By Patricia Esteves (The Philippine Star) Updated September 11, 2010 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines – “Since this is my first time to perform in the Philippines, you can expect anything,” South Korean R&B phenomenon and superstar Rain told Manila reporters last Thursday when asked what Filipino fans can expect from his one-night concert tonight dubbed “Intensity” with Korean boy band group U-Kiss and special guest Christian Bautista.

“Anything” can mean that Rain will lose the shirt and bare his famous washboard abs and display the fatal charisma that has reportedly even charmed Hollywood sex symbol, former Transformers star Megan Fox. Fans in the front row seat, who can get really close, can expect to be ”drenched’ by Rain’s flying sweat land in the middle of a hot, sexy dance. Or see how passionate fans hurl panties on the stage.

“Anything” can also mean witnessing Rain perform expert dance moves like leap through puddles while performing one of his hit songs.

Whatever there is to expect in Rain’s show tonight, one thing is for sure, it’s going to be the best because Rain is one of the best contemporary pop performers in the world, impressive in dancing, singing and acting, as millions of his fans attest like Jennifer Pangilinan, a member of Clouds Philippines, Rain’s official fanclub, who is dying to see Rain perform in the flesh.

“Just to breathe the same air as he breathes is enough for me. I’ve been waiting for this chance for a long, long time” says Pangilinan who first admired Rain in the drama “Full House” with popular Korean actress Song Hek-gyo when it was aired in the Philippines in 2005.

Tonight’s concert will be an unforgettable treat for his fans not only in the Philippines but for other Asians who will come for the show, sponsors TV 5 and Smart Infinity promised.

Rain, labelled as South Korea’s Justine Timberlake, is a bonafide dreamboat, who has sold millions of CDs, filled 40,000 seat arenas in Korea, Japan, China, HongKong, performed sold-out concerts at the Madison Square Garden in New York and acted in top-rating soap operas in Korea which became hits all over Asia.

He also took Hollywood by storm, starring in “Speed Racer” and “Ninja Assassin” where he played the lead actor.

Born Ji- Hoon Jung, Rain was also named Time 100’s Most Influential Person of the year and MTV Badass performer for his role in Ninja assassin. In the international music arena, he has recorded a duet with B2KS, Omarion and has caught the atttention of pop-music cognoscenti Diddy.

At the presscon, Rain expressed the excitement of going back to the Philippines, having been in Cebu in 2002.

“I missed the Philippines. It’s nice to see you again. I’m happy to be back here once more. I’m happy to see you,” he told reporters through an interpreter at the Manila hotel.

Rain has just released an album in 2002 when he went to Cebu for a project.

He says the Philippines gave him many good memories and loved the food here. His favorite spots are places with good food, he says when asked if he has been able to tour other destinations in the country.

Aside from promoting his concert, Rain was also in town to shoot some scenes from his upcoming action drama “The Fugitive, ” which will be aired exclusively by TV5.

Rain also came with the whole cast of the drama, which includes another Hollywood actor, Korean-Irish Daniel Henney.

“I play a detective in the drama who is able to solve many difficult situations,” he says when asked about his role.

Eight years after he debuted as a pop star in Korea, Rain indeed has come a long way but not without tears and difficulties.

When asked if there’s still more that he likes to achieve since he has been successful in dancing, singing and acting, he says he love to do more dramas.

“I love to shoot more dramas, I love to show my capability as an actor and show what’s the very best in me,” Rain says.

When asked how he coped with the struggles along the way, Rain says he just do his best in everything.

“ I don’t have any difficulty in particular now. I just want to focus on my roles and do my best as a performer. I’m just going to make the best out of a performance,” he says.

That’s how Rain deals with challenges, he practices his acts until he probably bleeds to correct every weakness and flaw.

The self-made singer known for being disciplined, hard-worker, serious and driven endured countless rejections from management companies when he was just starting out in Korea.

In a CNN/ Discovery Channel documentary called “Discovering Hip Korea,” Rain revealed being rejected by talent centers because of his looks. Although he did his best in singing and dancing, companies reject him because he didn’t fit the standard of what is good-looking because he lacked double eyelids.

Still, he persevered and worked harder until Korean singer and talent manager Jin Young Park or JYP accepted him took him under his fold.

Rain’s real-life story could also pass for a melodrama and a tearjerker, for losing his mom before she could even see her son pirouette to the top.

In a previous interview with the New York Times, Mr. Park recounted how Rain was always anxious of being not good enough or talented and how he really worked hard to prove that he is good.

Mr. Park revealed in that interview the desperation and determination he saw from Rain’s eyes to make it as a pop star to help in the hospitalization of his mother. But Rain’s mother died of diabetes before seeing his son debut and succeed.

He also disclosed in that article that Rain promised his mother that he would be the best singer in the world and since then, this been one of his driving force to succeed, of why he push himself too hard to perfection.

The name Rain came from an aura of gloom and coldness that Rain projects whenever he dances, that’s why he was christened Rain.

Through all the sufferings and hardships he has experienced on his way to the top, it is no wonder that nothing can faze him anymore.

Next year, he will enter the military as required by his country to all men and his popularity might get affected because he will train for two years. But even this challenge does not daunt him anymore.

“I don’t think of the difficulties, I just focus on doing my best at every performance. I just try my best every time,” he says.

The goal of truly breaking out as a sensation in the US does not wither, as Rain is more passionate and driven as ever and his mantra is always to try to his best everytime.

source : http://www.philstar.com/Article. … ionSubCategoryId=70


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4 thoughts on “09.11.10 [PhilStar]Weather forecast: Heavy Rain in Manila

  1. pluie625 09/11/2010 at 12:53 pm Reply

    Now, this is an article worth reading for. And the writer did some research about Rain not just for the sake of writing an article based on a mere press conference….good one.

  2. felisshi 09/11/2010 at 4:18 pm Reply

    Wonderful tribute to Rain. Very well said. This is for the young and old folks in the Philippines who still do not know who Rain is. This is a wake up introduction. Kudos to the writer of this piece. Very well done.

  3. kongsao 09/11/2010 at 6:00 pm Reply

    i agree what her articel have describe about rain not to mention he responded all the question to them but he even say about working so hard to keep his best perforamcer ever it so SO TURE rain is a chaalenge person to pursuit his GOAL who hardworker and keep up his promise to what he say of doing and been a world star that so rain!! yes matter fact rain is a talen person who alcholic to his SUCESS rain just totally beyoung his work and as for a MEGA-STAR like rain he he push himself too hard to perfection breaking out as a sensation in the korean world he is best of the best nobody can SUPASS rain the bottom line i envy this guy for what he have done for the pass 8 years

  4. odette 09/12/2010 at 10:16 pm Reply

    Nice…well said…I was also present at the Press Con last Sept. 9, 2010 at the Champagne Room…I was given the chance to ask RAIN a question and Daniel Henney, too…My GOD….RAIN was so cute and gave me a lovely smile when he heard my question…”What do you think separates Manila Hotel from other hotels you”ve stayed in?”..I made him laugh….ha ha ha…I’ll never forget that smile…Ji Hoon…

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