09.07.09 The story about the late Mrs. An So-Bong supported by Rain, will be adapted for the stage.

sepRain & Mrs. An So-Bong in a sickroom.

The story about the final losing battle with the late Mrs.’An So-Bong’s illness, who was supported by Rain, will be adapted for the stage.

The story of the family of the late Mrs.’An So-Bong’ that began to be known to the general public after world star Rain inquired after her, will be adapted for the musical stage.

This musical is about the final losing battle with her terminal stomach cancer, and it’ll be shown from October 1st, at Star City Theater in Daehackro, and 10% of net proceeds from the stage will be donated to cancer patients.

She had labored under her disease for one year and 10 days and died in October, 2007.

At that time Rain spoke comforting words to her family through the media. ” It grieved me to hear the news that she died after all. I can thoroughly understand the grief to the death of the light of their life because I also had such a trying experience. I pray for the repose of the deceased.”

credit to YONHAP NEWS
Brief translation by rain bird

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15 thoughts on “09.07.09 The story about the late Mrs. An So-Bong supported by Rain, will be adapted for the stage.

  1. fies09 09/07/2009 at 7:02 am Reply

    I’m just wondering what is Rain’s religion? Would anyone know. He seems very kind to his supporters.

  2. kongsao 09/07/2009 at 10:44 am Reply

    @ fies09
    rain say he belive in everything of what he mother have give it to him rain never claim he any religion at all but he does been where a lot of cross singh on him and his jewerly and what rain see in hi mind he acctecpted them for who they are rain very doen matter to him to me i think rain doesn claim any religion so what i can say he we just love him and wish for his best worker and at all time.

    i am sorry to hear i know quitw of peoples here have cancer too they been die fromming thir unhealthy care and some just could be caure for what or any reason i have two worker at my job also come to this issue to and they very die in a young of age i felt sad to even to be aware of what going on on your health that why i keep telling rain please go to the proior doctor for a ficail exam and do some check up and blood testing for your own health and good not just to rain but also to eveybody health. for refernce guy i very recoment you to eat alot CAULFFLOWER AND CUCUMBER THESE ARE HEALTHY FOOD FOR HIGH BOLLD PURSURE AND CANCER VERY RECOMENTED.

    anway, rain are so sweet to these people who eventuly have care other fell and fell generaly he alway help them of any siulution aroung im it very nice of him rember this ladies and trbuite the song to well know of these cancer i could amgaine rain can cry for thir wealth. i know it hard and hurt felling at the time like this but rain stll give her love and care to representive his donated of his own musical for it am very proud of rain he just meain to be there at any reson ex[ose his way and he honor everybody from young to old with best of he can do to suport them what a trus and toughful person. i hope Mrs. An So-Bong well accpted his well and be happy as it was. rain are very such an suporter person i have ever see and know the more i know about rain the ties and love i admire him rain i very thank you so much.

  3. kongsao 09/07/2009 at 3:43 pm Reply

    ohhhhh by the way i hope the proceed will help the rest of the family and childrents and give them a warm heart either from who or from rain he alway a suporter where ever it happen rain is truly care person he well earn more cerdit of this and i know rain well he are very touchhing good luck 😉

  4. jorain 09/07/2009 at 4:24 pm Reply

    wow how nice, this is a very warm-hearting act…. i hope for the success of this stage play for the sake of cancer patients.

  5. busybee1982 09/07/2009 at 5:55 pm Reply

    oh wow, this is the fan whose husband contacted Bi and asked him to come visit his wife which was a request from her. the husband didn’t believe Bi would come and was very surprised and greatful when he showed up.

    Bi also contributed to Mrs. An So-Bong’s medication and hospital cost. he didn’t want this to be revealed but somehow it got out to the media. when Bi was asked about it, he stated that he was embrassed that it had been revealed because it was something he did on a personal level. Mrs. An So-Bong’s husband, publicly via TV thanked Bi for his kindness and said he would always be one of his fans. this is a sad story, Mrs. An So-Bong left behind a small baby and Bi asked that she continue to watch over the child and him as well.

    so many things Bi does privately, i don’t us fans really have a clue about.
    like the 60 wells in Cambodia that provides fresh, clean drinking water for more than 6,000 people. he is certainly a grand human being.

  6. valkyrie_phil 09/07/2009 at 6:53 pm Reply

    im so touch,rain has a GOLDEN HEART,no wonder he is success full man in industries because he woudn’t forget where he came from..just continue doing good RAIN..we believe in YOU!!!

  7. felisshi 09/07/2009 at 7:44 pm Reply

    Thanks so much for that information about Rain. This is the first time I’ve heard about this story. I’m deeply touched about this humanitarian service that he had done for the cancer patient. He probably was reminded of his sick mother. He probably wanted to make up for the things that he missed doing for his mother when he was still struggling and did not have money to spend. Keeping that a secret from the media and the public for that matter, was a good example of his warmth and kind heart. Michael Jackson was the same. Children from the Starlight Foundation who wanted to see MJ were driven in ambulances to Neverland Ranch. I hope other famous celebrities will also do the same. To make a good deed for a dying person who is requesting your presence is probably the most fulfilling thing that you could do.
    Now I am more in love with Rain. Actually, if a person is this thoughtful and kind, the more I fall for him. I didn’t know this side of Rain. He is thoughtful to the unfortunate ones and the underprivileged.

  8. kongsao 09/07/2009 at 7:52 pm Reply

    how y u doing i have see you on this post for a while everything going fine i miss you?”
    bussybee right this been a while then when rain have been out to his own pravite life rain are very so care and very touch of any who he knew and he want to have his own way of life to because rain alway goes somehwere with bodygurad and he could have freedom on his own priviated thing to his own way so i think rain are very hidding from most of his peoples and fans and lateer open what he express about them later. he very kindness who love to care about other suition and rain very love childerent and baby rember when he open his 6to5 shop and he were holding these ladies baby u can tell he very love his kid for then his life rain are truly touch heart on them she very lucky to rain and a thank to him welling to watch over the baby even though he very have a hetic shceduel and very tried and that all of us learn about his legacy and human being for who rain is so many thing to decover rain head.

  9. busybee1982 09/08/2009 at 11:23 am Reply

    i am more than greatful to Rain to even be able to share this kind of info. about him so that newer fans can know he is much more than just an outstanding entertainer.

    i researched him for more than a year before deciding to join a fan group (something i’ve never done and will never do again). but i was so moved by his caring spirit towards others. @kongsao and fellishe. this took place while he was still with jyp. but even after he left he continues to help other others as best he can.

    he is a true inspiration. Rain’s hand print is embedded on each one of these wells in Cambodia and can be found while reading the ipetition that was signed by fans to support him keeping his stage name. during his RWT, he also designed a red braclet that sold at the ventues and donated the proceeds to help children who had lost their parents to the HIV virus through the Childrens World Health Organization.

    a really impressive young man.

  10. busybee1982 09/08/2009 at 11:31 am Reply

    yeah, kongsao, i remember him holding the babies at six2five signings, i was very moved as well. and remember the photo shoot with him holding the naked baby? it was on display at a famous Art Museum in Korea to raise money for orphans in Korea. it was reported then that a very famous photograper called Bi and asked if he would pose for the orphan charity. he does a lot.

    btw, i am good. thank u for asking.

  11. felisshi 09/08/2009 at 6:46 pm Reply

    I can’t help being so emotional while reading your comments about Rain above. Isn’t he just about the kindest Korean celebrity that we know? I salute his warm and caring gestures to these unfortunate people. It’s as if he could relate to them well and he emphathizes with them. Now that he earns money, it’s easy for him to part with his hard earned money especially for people who were meeting all sorts of problems and being hit with natural disasters. He is always there to lend a helping hand. I just want to marry this guy ! ! ! He is so nice to everyone regardless of anything.

  12. kongsao 09/09/2009 at 1:13 am Reply

    @felisshi and bussybee1982
    hay here some pict of Mrs. An So Bong daughther i felth very sad the she leave her huband and her baby behind and during that time rain went to visited her last in Oct 8 rain have request that he want to conveyed about 20 million won to kim jea munfor her hosptial cost. god rain are very suporter to this family no wonder peoples keep put rain as a majoe display because he a very care heart person at all time. 😦 (T__T)


    these is the link for u to look at her baby kissing her daughther am so sad seeing this rain why are u nice i love u even more of all my heart rain.

  13. tjrachel 09/09/2009 at 2:33 am Reply

    This is what makes Rain so different and so endearing to us. Loosing a mother or a parent you really love at any age is devastating for anyone. Rain understands this so much having gone through it. What is so touching is he really went out of his way to visit this mom and support her.

  14. kongsao 09/09/2009 at 2:48 pm Reply

    i could think at any point why our life here in United Sate forn the distance for whom we love and know who are so inpireation to this world and his own korea side i could help it rain are just to much for this world he did everything to suporting from poorless to touchiningness he very learn quite alot from his mother who give him such an experince to what to become seee what actually life cost around him and become the health of carefullness and world dispalteted i myself very so in touching at all point he been doen and help he may now popluar as his become the world popluar singer and dacner with in his human been are still rain and that nothing change him from begining to now all his hard work and conerting moneys are been set to all dractratidies fron either poor orphan or diseas i mean could lead him to any reson rain all up to this he more thankful then just a popluar industireis and that why the more i see in him and the more decover rain he bring to the note to see what kind of person he is and that never lead me anywhere but to have care,thank.and love this person even more and ever. rain are very format to enger to make his fans and peoples happy and cheer that what is good about him he alway be honest to everthing even on his life of scheduel. no wonder i see him at first point i already got the answer from him of from my heart that this is something about this guy and i could figure out now i know what it is his charming,careness and who love to suporter on every issue it doesn”t matter wheater in korea or other countries rain will do an extra mile for them i very so in touch of this guy he just born to be a big DISPLAY and world of everything in his full of hands he are the best and sweet person to see for his own company and entertainment and that why when they read his legacy and other think i chooes rain because he know what going in around him and care of whom these peoples is.
    i am so happy to know rain in part of my life i see this guy are very such a humbling on his own work and best perforamce for his own korea peoples happy and he told thenm the true too what a honest person to sharing about his felt. i more i found out him the more i want to be his wife or grilfirend but that is very hard on anybody from the distance of where u from and loving someone it completetly in another side of the world you could even reach him. and for me even though i don;t have rain part of my life i still suporting him and care and admire thid guy to the rest of my life even i get old i very serious about this guys even other know how they felt they are fell the same way and well alway be love him forever he are such the king of these world popluation.

  15. yumin 09/10/2009 at 11:23 pm Reply

    Rain has a very warm personality, he loves his fans so deeply. Hope for his more success

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