06.12.09 Rain’s ‘Love is’ took the first raking as the best song for ‘Kiss Day’


06.12.09 Rain’s ‘Love is’ took the first raking as the best song for ‘Kiss Day’

Rain’s ‘Love is (사랑이라는 건), one of hit songs in his 5th music album, has been selected as the best song for ‘Kiss Day’, June 14th.

A recent survey of their membership by Monkey 3, an online music site, has found that they selected Rain’s ‘Love is’ as the best for ‘Kiss Day’ on the ground of that Rain, who also took the first ranking as the best kissable lips in a recent poll, seems to give his lips to them, singing the song.

credit to ElsKorea news
Brieft ranslation by rain bird

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2 thoughts on “06.12.09 Rain’s ‘Love is’ took the first raking as the best song for ‘Kiss Day’

  1. kongsao 06/13/2009 at 2:04 pm Reply

    for me :P) i would love rain to kiss me with his kissable lip all day i don’t mind at all anywhere movies, dancing dateing, totallly if their a contes going on right now and the main person is rain i will the first people in line just all for rain mmmmuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” and have his love story song there too rain is a number 1 kissable lip and i gree with his song rain lip vey look yummy and delicious also i would love to kiss rain eveyday and of curse it going to rain 5 album everybody love his song i myself even have his 5 album and that is one of the most favorite love song to . =)

    😎 RAIN!” when can i ever have chance to kiss your kissable lip uuuuhhhhh my heart is beating pouning up and dowm just want to fell that kissable lip uuuhbhhhhh ahahaha!” <33333333333 :P)

  2. felisshi 06/14/2009 at 3:27 am Reply

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Love is…took the first ranking on Kiss Day. The first time I heard this song, I instantly took a liking to it, with its nice melody and beat. The rhythm falls in a sexy mood. He sings in that manly voice, as if he’s pleading and whispering to your ears. Not totally for men. Lol. Honestly. I like it
    more than the other songs in the album.

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