06.10.09 35% of netizens think that Rain is kissable!


Rain & Kim Tae-Hee

35% of netizens said they think Rain is regarded as a most kissable man with appeal lips among male stars, according to recent survey by movie ‘Shall We Dance?”, on-line bookstore ‘Yes24’, and ‘Nate.com’, in celebration of the Kiss Day, June14, whereas, actress ‘Kim Tae-Hee’ took the first ranking among female stars.

credit to Newsen
Brief translation by rain bird

–only 35%? LOL I wonder who the other guys were.. haha I’m sure they’re all very kissable too. But Rain is of course, my no. 1!


p.s. yay I’m done with all my exams!! ^__^ I’m still waiting for a couple more pages to come. Pls air it to me soon! I would really like to mail it before his b-day.

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7 thoughts on “06.10.09 35% of netizens think that Rain is kissable!

  1. kongsao 06/09/2009 at 10:27 pm Reply

    yessssssssssss ! RAIN ……. <333333 difernily a numbe 1 kisable lip
    🙂 :P) ahahah everytime he talk and open his lip i fell like rain is blowing a kiss right at me he very handsome his face and body plus his kissable very attrack eveybody eye even just clodsed his mouth his lip still look yummmmmmmm and just want to kiss him so bad i saw a lot star and artis especally in series dran i have not see most of them like rain rain lip shape are very kisable all girls see him will difernity fall in love with him ohhhhh when he sing uhhhhh that make me even go crazy this guy lip are the most sexie and kisable =p ever gas rain have totall chirstama look and very influaunce guy that i have see sent i know rain i very love his lip just want to touch and fell so bad dran rain specail yes he is to me not just that but also very sexies all over his body his smile with the two cute dimple uhhhhh rain when ever he smile that make me even more fall in love with rain holy mercy rain you are the fine as an a sexie as hell i'm telling you!" :-p Of curse is going to rain i will pick rain anyway cause he does have that kissable lip no wander alot fans and some peoples love him so much rain are everything front top to bottom are completely sexies ahahaah rain yes i would say rain is the one who else beside rain there is some of them lip have that but not as rain rain lip are rotally kissable lip shape like a heart. rainnnnnnn you are kissable lip so here more kisssssss from me :P) "-@ and smile alot that make fell i;m in heaven just seeing him talk,singing, ans smile vvery vey kissabnle lip and attractive uuuuuhhhhhhh rain i still did n't get enought from rain i want morerrrrrrrr . ;* o:-)

  2. kongsao 06/09/2009 at 10:58 pm Reply

    😎 i difernitly agree rain is a number 1 kissable lip and no one can bet rain he is totally all and sexie dash. :P)

  3. felisshi 06/09/2009 at 11:01 pm Reply

    Yeah, I agree his lips are very much kissable. And mind you, he can KISS. If there is a kissing booth for charity and Rain is there, I’ll be the first in line. Lol.

  4. kongsao 06/09/2009 at 11:27 pm Reply

    yessssssssssss ” diferinilyt is rain :P) his lip are so sexie kissable lip his shape like a heart to me and he very have these christama and most influnance person. rain lip are so sexie even when his closed his lip he still look so kissable! when 😎 rain sing,talking and smile uhhhhhh smile rain very have these two cute dimple on both side cheek uuihhhhh rain i’m fall in love with you!” he very atrack me eye his lip are so smoo an when he sing uhhhhh lord he make me go crazy gas this giuy rain lip are so kissable i have watch alot drama series i see some of them do have that but as what see in rain is the very most sexie kissable lip ever fron his top to bottom body are completely ton skin and a very smoo look very attractive and sexies as hel. no wander lot of fans see rain singing and perforamce are going crazy on him he are so dran sexies and ver fexsiable dancer too . holy oh mercy rain very got me crazy ever sent i know him from his a love to kill and his named kang bokgu when he change his hair style that when i start to see in rain are very hansome and so sexie and his kissable lip got me into right there this guy are so dran actrative and that when i start to fall for rain and interest more about his life and that is how i know rain. oooohhhhhhh actually rain been have his kissable lkip ever sent before i even know who rain is before anway yes rain i just want to touch his kissable lip so bad uhhhhhhhhhhh muahhhhhhhh!” :P)

  5. misskania 06/09/2009 at 11:30 pm Reply

    I thought it was Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 who got the 1st place?
    Is it from the same poll?

  6. Zarifah 06/09/2009 at 11:58 pm Reply

    Dear Chong…

    I have finished with my exams too… Good luck & all the best yeah^____^

    Aja aja fighting~~

    Yeah.. Juz look at Jihoonssi lips.. ^___^ woo00ooo000ooo…~

    Take care my friend!

    Cheers to wonder Clouds of SixtoFive1982.com!

  7. ana maria 09/25/2009 at 3:22 am Reply

    I agree that kim tae hee has the most kissable lips among korean stars. and has the
    prettiest face too.

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