02.10.09 Stop ‘holding the star’ taking fans as hostage!… Problems of Korean wave through Rain’s lawsuit case

Domestic promoter, leaving a scar despite their breach of contract, voices asking to “rid of unverified concert managements”

Since top star Rain got sued for cancelling his Hawaii concert on July 2007, he will be attending a jury trial in America coming March. However, underneath the surface lies a complex conspiracy.

Click Entertainment, which purchased the right for Hawaii concert and acts as the promoter, claimed that Rain and his agency back then, JYP Entertainment, as well as Rain’s world tour host StarM, one-sidedly cancelled the concert, suing them for 40million dollars in the Hawaiian court.

At the same time, they sued Rain and StarM for fraud charges in the Korean court. When Rain was making agreements for concert, they asked for terms of installing exclusive stages since there are safety issues.

But for some reason, the promoter ignored the condition written on the contract. As a result, the star singer who put priority on his fan’s safety, had no choice but to cancel the concert.

The Korean court has already judged them not guilty since Rain’s side had no intention of making money out of fraud contract and that this was all over the issue of exclusive stage.

Since it is common sense that top star like Rain would not one-sidedly cancel a concert which is a promise with his fans, Click is continuously annoying Rain with lawsuits after lawsuits. Thus, there are voices asking to rid of unverified promoters who do not have the ability to operate the concert, but just rely on the fame of Korean wave stars.

A stage official said that “as Korean wave stars start to act overseas, there are many cases of them being damaged while carrying out a concert plan. In order to make sure there are no more victims like Rain, a list of unverified promoters should be made and shared.”

credit to SeGe Daily
Brief translation by rain bird @ rain-eu // soompi

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3 thoughts on “02.10.09 Stop ‘holding the star’ taking fans as hostage!… Problems of Korean wave through Rain’s lawsuit case

  1. Gab 02/10/2009 at 3:15 am Reply

    !!!!!!!! INNOCENT!

  2. triplegreen08 02/10/2009 at 10:36 am Reply

    this is just as expected… as a rising global star, Rain is not stupid to just abruptly cancel a concert, because he would know his fans will be disappointed, and it would affect his career.

    there must be something wrong with Click Entertainment…


  3. busybee1982 02/10/2009 at 3:02 pm Reply

    Click wants money…period. should be ashamed of him self.
    i agree Rain is innocent and i hope other entertainers will side step Click; the same thing could happen to them. out to get money, i don’t like sleezey people!!!

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