04.12.11 [Clip] Rain’s Mentholatum CF Shown At Press Conference In Shanghai

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04.12.11 [News Clips] Rain At Mentholatum Press Conference In Shanghai (10 Clips)

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04.12.11 [Pic] Rain In Shanghai Before Departure

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04.13.11 [Newsen] A Sneak Preview Of Rain’s Latest Pictures Showing Him Looking Smashing In Uniform

Two pictures showing Rain taking a snapshot of himself with the uniform of an air-force officer on and posing for a camera with actor ‘O Dahl Soo’, have been opened to the public, which has become the talk of the town.

On the 13th, Rain posted some pictures on his Twitter, posting something to the site, “Today is the day for me to wear the full costume…^^ (the uniform of an air-force officer) It seems like yesterday that we started shooting the movie, but many scenes are being filmed already !!! And, with ‘Dahl Soo’ who is my favorite senior”

In the first picture released on the day, he is seen taking a snapshot of himself wearing the uniform of an air-force officer with his hand in his pocket, where there is something dignified. Particularly, a scar on his face stands out from others.

In the second picture, he is seen looking at the camera with actor ‘O Dahl Soo’, having a big smile on his face with his eyes slightly. ‘O Dahl Soo’ is seen smiling a timid smile, which makes people laugh.

To the pictures, there has been an enthusiastic response from netizens, “The uniform really looks great on him!” “The clothes are an excellent fit ~” “There is no woman who hasn’t fallen for his smiling eyes.”

” I’m looking forward to ‘Red Muffler’~”

Meanwhile, Rain is currently busy filming his next movie ‘Red Muffler’ with actress ‘Shin Se Kyiung’, actor ‘Kim Sung Soo’, ‘Lee Jong Seok’, ‘O Dahl Soo’ and so on.

Credit to Newsen http://news.nate.com/view/20110413n15008
TV Report http://news.nate.com/view/20110413n14589
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04.13.11 [Eng Trans] Rain’s Tweets

04.13.11 [Twitter] Rain Tweets Pictures of Himself During Filming

*Rain tweeted pictures of himself!!!!!!!!!!!! (will post translation of his tweet later, so stay tuned)

Source: 29rain@Twitter

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04.10.11 [Art Pic] Rain At Sepang F1 Circuit